Oakland Raiders' Punting Is Big News

Al's WingmanAnalyst INovember 26, 2009

A big win in dramatic fashion is the best medicine for a struggling team. It doesn’t get much better than scoring 10 points in the last 33 seconds of the game to knock off the Bengals last week.

In all fairness, Cincy really should have scored more points the way they controlled most of the afternoon’s action, but that's the way the ball bounces if you misplay your hand.

So far, two of Oakland’s three wins on the season have been big wins over very good teams (Philadelphia and Cincinnati). Can they do it again with Dallas on Thanksgiving Day?

Not a chance.  Not on three days rest, with way too little depth on defense and special teams.

Despite QB Tony Romo being one of the best chokers in the business, the Cowgirls will find a way to win the game. 

Tom Cable is still a lousy coach and a lousy play-caller. The Raiders run defense is still horrible despite the inspired play of Tyvon Branch at strong safety, leading the team in tackles (if your secondary is making that many tackles in the run game, that’s a problem).

Every Raiders fan is happy to see JaMeatloaf Russell benched. One of the worst football decisions of all time was Al Davis issuing faith in him to play up to his contract.

To his credit, Bruce Gradkowski is a gutsy QB and he will make some good plays, but he will not be able to carry the team. There is still some hope for the receiving game with Zach Miller, Louis Murphy, and now Chaz Schillens working himself back into shape. It’s just not going to be enough though.

Who really cares what Justin Fargas does at this point? His 40 yards per game average isn't really that important.

It’s one thing to beat a team at home because the other team makes a bad decision, replacing their kick returner at the end of the game and he ends up fumbling. It’s another thing entirely to try and win a game on the road just four days after their last game.

The Cowgirls will likely sleepwalk and score enough to get by.

The most telling sign of how boring/bad the Raiders are is all the discussion of their punting game. Seriously, who cares if a punter can hit a scoreboard? Next to the benching of JaMeatloaf, discussion of Shane Lechler hitting the scoreboard is the biggest story in Oakland.

That takes the cake. You know there's no news to speak of if a punter is highlighted over Tom Cable’s character assassination, which had previously dominated the first half of the Raiders season.

That’s right, the Raiders always have a punter to get them out of trouble.

Good stuff, what else they got?