Redskins Youth Report: Devin Thomas on the UP

Mark ButerbaughSenior Analyst INovember 25, 2009

The Youth Report is a weekly content article that evaluates the play and performance of the Redskins rookies and sophomores, with trends of players going up, down, or simply staying neutral, and a few little bits of personal/opinion/comment.  You may not always agree with our assessment of players, so feel free to comment right here on the Blog.

The Rookie Report

CB Kevin Barnes :   Barnes was inactive.   No playing time, Barnes stays the same.  Unfortunately for Barnes, fortunately for the Redskins, the secondary has avoided the plague of injuries.  Barnes is NEUTRAL.

OL Paul Fanaika:   Fanaika was just signed this week.  We have no rating for him.

LB Robert Henson: There for awhile it looked as if Henson would be activated to play on special teams.  he was not active last week.   Henson stays NEUTRAL.

S Lendy Holmes:  Holmes was not listed as inactive, nor did I really see anything from him.  Stays NEUTRAL.

DE Jeremy Jarmon: Jarmon continues to get some reps on defense, evidence of trust from the defensive coaching staff.   His time is limited to spell Phillip Daniels.  Last week Jarmon record 1 tackle.  He stays NEUTRAL.

Stats:  Tackles: 1  Sacks: 0  FF: 0   FR: 0   Pass Deflec: 0
Season:  Tackles: 6  Assists:  2,  Sacks: 0  FF: 0   FR: 0   PD: 0

WR Marko Mitchell:  It is nice to see Mitchell not appear on the practice squad.  Step one — check.  Now, the Redskins need to take step two, throw him the ball.  WR Devin Thomas is starting to show signs of developing into a decent receiver.  He is getting catches and gaining impressive yards after the catch.  However, Malcolm Kelly still has done very little.  Mitchell could be a go to guy in the end zone, standing at 6′4″, you know, fulfill the role Kelly was suppose to.   I would love to see over the last 6 weeks the Redskins take a serious look at Mitchell.  The Redskins are going now here.  So what is there to lose?  In two games, Mitchell has two receptions with very limited playing time.  In 10 games, Kelly has an impressive 10 catches.    As for now, he stays NEUTRAL.

STATS:   Receptions:  0,  Yards:  0, Avg:  0.0,  TDs:  0
Season:   Receptions:  2,  Yards:  22, Avg:  11.0,  TDs:  0

arrow red upLB/DE Brian Orakpo: Stud.  That is all that really needs to be said, but we will go on.  Orakpo has to be factoring into the running for NFL Defensive Rookie of the year.  Every game you know you are getting an A+ effort form Orakpo, he knows no either way to play.  He is quick, sheds blocks, and gets to the QB effectively.  I hate the fact we play him at LB, I agree with DT Albert Haynesworth who said,  “just imagine if Orakpo would be at DE fulltime, he would be unbelievable“.  Fact is, Orakpo is the real deal and has proven to the Redskins that that made a great choice at #13 in last year’s draft.  He sometimes struggles when dropped into pass protection, but the kid is a natural DE, not LB and that will take time to develop, if the Redskins insist on keeping him there.  Hopefully a new GM and new HC will make the right call on Orakpo and put him where he belongs, at DE.  This past week, Orakpo got banged up a little, but came right back on the field, showing the toughness and dedication to the game and team.  Having him on the defensive line for years with Haynesworth will be a treat to watch.  Last week, Orakpo recorded 2 tackles.  Orakpo has tied the Redskins season sack total record for a rookie, set previously by DT Dean Hamel and DE Andre Collins.   Orakpo stays UP.

STATS:  Tkls:  2, Sacks:  0, FF:  0, FR:  0,  Inter:  0   PD:  0
Season:  Tkls:  24, Assts:  10   Sacks:  7, FF:  0, FR:  0,  Inter:  0   PD:  1

arrow red upOL Edwin Williams: Wasn’t this a surprise.  2008 3rd round pick Chad Rinehart goes down to a season ending broken fibula at RG and instead of  Will Montomery entering the game.  After all, Montogomery initially came in for Rand Thomas, thenbattled Rinehart for the starting job.  Williams did OK.  He got pushed back a few times, like most rookies do, but Williams came out of the game with NFL experience and not embarrassing himself.  For an undrafted rookie, that’s called a plus.  Williams goes on the UP because he currently has an opportunity to prove something to the Redskins.  You can tell how beat up the Redskins are when a player on the PS most of the season is suddenly called, Starter.  It is up to him and his talent to do it.  UP.

The Sophomore Report

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