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OAKLAND, CA - NOVEMBER 22:  Sebastian Janikowski #11 of the Oakland Raiders celebrates after he kicked the winning field goal with less than a minute to play against the Cincinnati Bengals at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on November 22, 2009 in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
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Holla at me RAIDER NATION!

A few hours have passed now and,... I don't know about you but,... I'm still not impressed with this win. Maybe I'm being arrogant (being a RAIDER from birth), maybe I really am crazy, but I don't see The Raiders (at home) beating The Bengals as a big deal.

Who are the Bengals anyway? What have they ever done in this league? I'll tell you who they are.... they're NOBODY!! and you know what they've done in this league?.... NOTHING!! That's what they've done! The Bengals greatest claim to fame is having an RB with a cool dance and losing the Chip to the 49ers. WHOA!!! I'm scared of the Bengals (LOL!!!).

No RAIDER NATION, what we did to The Bengals is what The Raiders should do to 99% of the teams in this league, "Just Beat Em' Baby!" Someone asked me (probably a family member or friend of JaMarcus) if I watched any other position but QB? Did I notice how bad The Raiders Offensive Line played? Did I notice the dropped passes?; See how the Defense played against the run?..., blah, blah, blah!!! Well, to all of you who question why I talk QB first we got a glimpse of it in this game.

Forget about the stats - as I've grown fond of writing: RAIDER FANS DON'T NEED STATS!! - I could care less about BG's numbers the simple fact is this: The TEAM knew they had someone they could (and had to) rally behind. With that in mind EVERYBODY stepped up and played their game, and the facts are this RAIDER NATION when The Raiders play: RAIDER FOOTBALL They win games! It's that simple.

When Richard talked about this team going to the Playoff's some people laughed. However, those people are not where he is, they're on the outside looking in, Richard is not trapped in "The Matrix". He knows that the pieces are in place in Oakland as a TEAM. Think about it for a sec. We have a lock up corner, a good safety, a LB who's loves The Raiders (nothing is better than having a guy who LOVES to play for the team on the field!) You got Richard (and other on the line). As a whole this defense is not bad. We have THE BEST PUNTER in the game! and THE BEST KICKER in the game! We have a a power back, a speed back, an all purpose back. We've got the T.E. and 2 WR's guys 1) possession receiver and 1) deep threat receiver (think positive RAIDER NATION) and the hogs to block for it all, the only thing missing is a QB at the helm. Someone to help set an example of what it means to play RAIDER FOOTBALL!

I say to you: RAIDER FOOTBALL and those of you who really follow this team know what that means! It's the essence of "Just Win Baby!" Do what is necessary to get the job done. This means that you have to GIVE IT YOUR ALL but, how can you honestly sell out (no pun intended) when you know the man who touches the ball EVERY SINGLE PLAY can't be trusted?

Think about the men who block for Tom Brady or P. Manning. Are these guys really all that much better then the linemen on The Raider roster? Or, is it maybe, just maybe they have a little bit more faith in the guy their blocking for? Maybe their thinking if I block my guy just a sec. longer.... What about the guys who catch the ball? Look at those cats in Minn. Brett is playing with some rookies (who he didn't even go to camp with!!) and that team is 9-1; Why: Are their rookies all that much better than The Raider rookies? Or, are they thinking "Brett Farve is throwing me this pass, I NEED to catch it!".

 What we saw on Sunday was what can happen when The Raiders CARE! (with the exception of Justin Fargas - he always has his game face on!) Is B.G. the second coming? Who knows? The simple fact of the matter is this {JaMarcus}: The team got behind him [B.G.] because THEY KNEW he was'nt going to throw (no pun intended) the game away! In football you need all 11 working as 1 in order to win a game but, 1 person can cause 11 to lose a game. Normally you can have a semblance of control over this outcome: by controlling the number of times said player touches the ball; However, what do you do when that person HAS TO touch the ball EVERY SINGLE PLAY?- I'll tell you what you do, you replace him because as Spock said "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few,... or the one."

So the Offensive Line blocked better, runners got the yards needed, the Defense bended but did not break, guys made clutch catches, THE QUARTERBACK made timely, and accurate throws, Special Teams was... "Special"  and in the end, with the games outcome still in doubt, instead of making the mistake The Raiders were the team forcing the mistake, alert and ready to capitalize..... basically just playing RAIDER FOOTBALL. So when you really think about it, this win is what we SHOULD be doing to teams like the Benglas when they come into The Black Hole. Play em tough, play em' hard, keep the game close and "just win it baby" in the end.  Next, we go over to Jerry's house and the plan is the same only with one added bonus and that is to trash his new place, after all that's what RAIDERS do..... (No big deal).


Terrell White

RAIDER from birth