UFC 106 Results: Intrigue and Awesome

Chris Topher Bean Correspondent INovember 22, 2009

Saturday was a great night of UFC fights in Las Vegas, with an intriguing co—main event and a great main event fight.

Anthony Johnson vs. Josh Koscheck (Co-Main Event)

Although the match started pretty standard, with both fighters coming out swinging in the first round, the fight took a turn for the weird. While standing up from underneath Koscheck, Johnson did what was hopefully an act of instinct, and kneed a downed opponent in the head.

Koscheck would need five minutes to recover, but not from the knee or an inadvertent poke in the eye at the same time.  Commentator Joe Rogan had the clip re-played several times could not figure out what happened to Koscheck's left eye that caused the long delay.  Evetually, after the doctor talked to the ref and considered stopping the fight, Josh was able to comtinue.

He moved in on Johnson and after a few heated exchanges, Koscheck poked Johnson in the eye.  Johnson only took about thirty seconds to recover.  Then after a few more exchanges, Koscheck got Johnson to the ground. They grappled for a few minutes and it seemed that Johnson was going to get up, but Koscheck's wrestling was superior to Johnson's skill on the ground.  After delivering some ground and pound to the head and body of Johnson, Koscheck sunk in a rear naked choke, forcing Johnson to tap out.

In his post fight interview with Rogan, Koscheck had some interesting things to say.  He called out Number One Welterweight Contender Dan Hardy to fight for the number one contender spot. Koscheck then went on the claim that he is the true top contender for the title.

Then he went on to say that he was done talking and that he was going to "go talk more shit on Twitter." Really Josh Koscheck? Really? Instead of standing in front of thousands of people with millions more watching from home, you're going to go back to your hotel room and talk shit on a social networking site? Alright. Suit yourself.

I for one hope that Dana White doesn't take Josh Koscheck's request seriously and gives Dan Hardy the title shot that was promised to him if he got by Mike Swick. Which Hardy did in dominating fashion.

Forrest Griffin vs. Tito Ortiz (Main Event)

There is only one word to describe this fight... Wow. This will go down as one of my favorite fights in MMA history and will most likely be a candidate for fight of the year honors.

Griffin and Ortiz came out and started things off much like the same way the first round of the their fight three years ago went.  They exchanged some blows before Tito caught a kick thrown by Forrest and took him to the mat. From there, Ortiz did what he does best, he worked his awesome ground 'n pound. Griffin kept his composure and eventually worked his way back to his feet.  They exchanged a few more blows before the round came to a close.

In the second round, Griffin came out and seemed more confident then he had.  He worked his right leg kick and put together some good combinations.  Tito repeated his first round performance and took Forrest down again.  He worked his ground 'n pound and opened up a cut next to Griffin's left eye. 

With about a minute left in the second round Griffin pulled off the reversal and got on top of Tito and worked some of his own ground n' pound.  That last thirty seconds allowed Griffin to either show that he had won the round, or to steal the round from Tito.

In the third round, Griffin came out swinging, landing hard shots on Ortiz, one of which caught him on the chin and rocked him.  But Griffin didn't go after Ortiz and risk getting taken down.  Instead, he paced himself and picked Ortiz apart. Landing more leg kicks and good combinations. 

Ortiz would ocassionally fire back, but looked slower and less focused than he had in the first two rounds.  He would clinch with Griffin and try to take him down, but Griffin would muscle his way out and begin picking Ortiz apart again.  In the last eighteen seconds of the fight, both men went for it. Ortiz finally turned it back on and the two competitors went out swinging for the fences when the final bell rang.

This victory is the first in Griffin's road back to the title.  So whats next for him? Well, I would personally love to see him and Rich Franklin square off.  Or Forrest and Randy Couture. Either one of those could be a fight for the ages. I guess we'll just have to wait and find out. But for now, let's all just enjoy the most beloved fighter in the world's most recent win in one of the most entertaining main events in UFC history.