Terrell WhiteCorrespondent INovember 21, 2009

Holla at me RAIDER NATION!

 First and foremost thanks for the reads and your comments. I'm coming to you now with a question. We've all been hearing about this whole "wild-kat" offense the M.D.'s are running; We've all seen other teams looking to add it into their repertoire so why not the Raiders?

I've been thinking about the quarterback situation (as you all know) and of course the name Mike Vick comes to mind but, I never really wanted to think about dealing with the whole dog and pony show (pardon the pun) that would have come along with having him added to the roster. However, I haven't heard anything (worth writing) about Mike Vick being a problem (with PETA) and I know he'd love to get on the field and some burn.

Let's keep it simple, for the most part this is all a variation of the college option and to run this thing you need a versatile backfield; You need a QB who's a danger to run it or throw it, and you need a couple of backs, at least one of whom can throw a decent pass and the both need to be able to catch along with having the ability get to the edge quick.

I know there may be some questions regarding the hands of McFadden but I'm not all that worried about him having too many problems catching that pitch from Mike and flying down that side line (can you see it - in your Raider eye?) and, I'm surprised to be typing this but Justin "baby huggy bear" Fargas I just love the heart this kid runs with! Furthermore, I would have to say that I trust him to run it, I trust him to catch it, and I trust him to throw it. Now all we'd need to add to the mix is the dual threat quarterback so, enter Mike Vick.

Look, I'm not here trying to make a case for the Raiders bringing Mike to the team; I'm just wondering what are your thoughts on adding something potential dangerous (to a defense) to our offensive package. Keep this in mind brother and sisters Al wants to get back to glory before he no longer graces us with his physical presence. Therefore, I'm thinking that he's thinking the team really need to just win NOW baby. I love the idea of drafting a great QB prospect. However,  I would also have to say that l would not mind having a proven vet, a guy who has already led his team to a WINNING season, a guy who has already won a playoff game (on the road).

We can run anything we want on offense. We can have M.V. under center and let M.B. soften up the defense. We can have M.V. under center or in the gun and do what ever we want even if we have Justin and McFad in the back. We can have Mike motion out in the flat and direct snap it to McFad and let him run it or we could snap it to Huggie Jr. and let him toss it to Mike and let Vick be Vick. These are just random plays that come to mind as I'm typing to you imagine what the staff could come up with. I don't need to go in into the stats we know the story. As I said... (or should that be wrote?) I'm thinking about what would make this squad dangerous; What might worry me if I were playing defense?

To quote one of my favorite actors "You've gotta ask your self a question" Do you wanna be that guy defending the edge (alone) going up against Mike Vick and McFadd. what would YOU do? Would you try to tackle Mike (think about that for a min.), or would you try to catch McFad. (before he catches the edge?) I'll tell you what would be on my mind "this could be embarrassing." Everybody watches Sports Center and players don't want to be that guy on the wrong end of a play. Not only is it going to be running on Sports Center it's going to be running in their own film room!

So RAIDER NATION holla at me and let me know what you're thinking; One way or another this situation at QB has to be resolved, and really it needs to be resolved quickly. We all know that there are other problems (like the O Line for example) but this might be just the makeup... sorry about that... this might be just the war paint that the team needs to put fear in the heart of the opposing defense. Furthermore, Al has never been one to be shy so the name Mike Vick won't scare him (especially since Mike will have already "done his time" in the league, and with the "wild-kat" on the loose should the Raiders look to tame it?


Terrell White

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