Broncos Cornered, Fight Or Flight

Sean BacaContributor INovember 20, 2009

DENVER - OCTOBER 05:  Tight end Nate Jackson #81 of the Denver Broncos and Maurice Stovall #85 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers battle at the line of scrimmage during NFL action on October 5, 2008 in Denver, Colorado. The Broncos defeated the Buccaneers 16-13.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Okay, let's break down the season thus far. An unreal start from an organization that seemed to be in serious flux. Then a breakdown in all three areas of the game which leads to a three game losing streak. What to make of it, what does it all mean? The answer is...absolutely nothing.

The Broncos are not an elite team that can run off an amazing streak of wins. Though they've done just that, they are not that good, not yet. They are also not a team that loses three straight. Including a loss to a team that IS in flux last week in Washington. The fact is that they are a little bit of both at times and that's why we find ourselves in a showdown for the division lead that should still be ours.

During the amazing run to start the season, the Broncos were riding the wave of emotion stemmed from the "us against the world" montra that McDaniels and the Broncos were feeling. It's an emotional game and often that drive can win you games that otherwise you would have lost. Eventually though, that well runs dry, and when it does, it takes a while to find another wave that you can ride through the tough times.

The Broncos are just not tough enough to go 15 rounds with the Steelers or the Ravens but the good news is, they don't have to be. Nobody expects a Super Bowl this year. We just want to see a tone being set, an attitude that the fans of the Broncos know well when they see it.

Enter the San Diego Chargers

There's no team (outside on Massachusets) that can bring forth the emotional lift needed to right the ship in Denver. There is no other quarterback blowing kisses to the sidelines that can create the wave of emotion needed to revive an emotionaly drained team like Rivers can.

Welcome the San Diego Chargers

This is not a win or just give up game, though many think it is. It is however a fight  or flight game for us. It's the type of game  where 3rd and one means everything. Six inches of trench divides us, whatch got? McDaniels is pure fire and his team (as it often will in the NFL) reflects that. They are setting a tone in Denver but have not quite finished their task.

Let's all climb off the ledge and relax a bit. The Broncos "are what they are", an up and coming team that is finding their "long distance leg." I was rough on them earlier this year but when you see your team playing with the raw emotion they displayed early, it's a heart warming site. Then seeing them play un-inspired light it's own fire somewhere else entirely. Now we fiind out just where the Broncos are in this marathon.

A+B+C= V, it's a three legged chair that needs each limb if it's going to stay upright. The "O" needs the "D" and both feed off the "Special Teams". We are not an elite team, nor are we a team that is drafting in the top 5 every year. We are not yet nasty enough on either side of the ball. We are not, a lot of things. What are we? We are at home, we are 6-3 and we are in 1st place. We are firey, just like our young coach. This weekend, all three limbs are on blast... Offense, Defense and Special Teams....2 pm (MST) Mile High at Invesco. Fight or flight, whatch got?