Dick Jauron Stepping Down As Coach of Buffalo Bills?

Ian CowanContributor INovember 18, 2009

Well my friends, it finally happened.

The moment that we have ALL been waiting for.

Dick Jauron has been relieved of his duty as the Head Coach of the NFL’s Buffalo Bills.

Yes, that noise you hear is the collective sigh of relief from “Bills Nation.” Christmas has in fact come early. Although, for some (including myself), it came about a year and a half late.

But, I digress.

The Jauron “era” has come to an end, an era that probably should have never started.

In order to completely understand the frustration of Bills fans, I feel we must first take a look at the path of both coach and team that set them on a collision course of horrible, uninspired football.

First, my beloved Buffalo Bills. They won two consecutive championships in the AFL before becoming a member of the NFL, where the successful seasons failed to transfer over.

From 1966 to 1986, they posted a staggering 104-199-4 record. They were the equivalent to the modern day Lions, Bucs, Rams, or even Bills.  It wasn’t until the 1986 season, when Marv Levy took over, that they began to resemble a football team.

During Levy’s tenure (1986-1997), the Bills went 112-70. This included the infamous stretch of four Super Bowls in a row, from 1990-1993. I’m not sure how, but Levy was able to instill such a desire to win in his players that they became one of the most tenacious defensive teams paired with a deadly offensive attack that could put points on the board against anybody; accept the Giants, Redskins, and Cowboys.

Things took a turn for the worse once Levy decided to step down as Head Coach after the 1997 season.

In stepped Wade Phillips. He coached from 1998-2000 winning 29 of 48 games.

Now, I must admit, this looks like a decent record. However, the numbers are deceiving. This was in fact the period of time where the desire and the “know-how” to win football games slipped away from the Buffalo Bills, and has yet to return.

After Phillips, came Greg Williams and Mike Mularkey. Both of them are very capable coordinators–defensive and offensive respectively.

Unfortunately, their success as coordinators did not translate into successful head coaching careers. They combined for a record of 31-48 between the years 2001-2005, all of the while not making one playoff appearance.

This brings us to our beloved Dick Jauron.

The simple fact that he was chosen be the head coach beginning the 2006 season was simply mind-numbing. When Jauron came to Buffalo, he brought with him a 36-49 record as the head coach of the Chicago Bears and the Detroit Lions

So began Jauron’s career in Buffalo.

His first season came to an end at 7-9. Not too horrible, considering they were 5-11 the season before. In 2007, he “coached” the Bills to another 7-9 season. This is when Bills fans began to get a little uneasy, but Jauron received a free pass because of certain situations during that season to included the dreaded “quarterback controversy” between J.P. Losman and newly drafted Trent Edwards.

By the beginning of the 2008 season, Trent Edwards had been officially named the starting quarterback. Bills fans were optimistic, despite two consecutive 7-9 seasons. The team began the season 5-2, then the injury bug bit.

Edwards went down, and so did the Bills season.

They finished…

...drum roll please...


Everyone thought for sure that this meant the end of Dick Jauron. I mean, three consecutive 7-9 seasons with no upside in sight, there is no way he returns. Right?

Well, apparently Bills upper management felt otherwise and decided to stick with Jauron for the 2009 season. The season is now over half way through, and our beloved Bills sit near the bottom of the league at 3-6. It doesn’t even look as though they will attain the 7-9 record that the fans have grown to know and expect.

So, as I stated before, Bills fans have been awaiting this moment for about a year and a half.

I’m sure some of you may be thinking that I’m cold hearted for wishing/hoping that this person lose his job. To that I say, he shouldn’t have been a horrible coach!

P.S. I hear Charlie Weis may be looking for a job soon! Here's hoping! I can't wait for the next clown of a coach to step in for five games.

Hidden within that record is ONE winning season, in which he let the Bears play to a 13-3 record in 2001.

To this I quote a very wise man; "Even a blind dog can find his nuts once in a while." J

Jauron's resume simply reeked of success. At least the Bills front office thought so.


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