Cleveland Browns-Detroit Lions: Toilet Bowl II

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst INovember 18, 2009

Believe it or not, this article is not to hate on the ineptitude of these two Pop Warner teams (OK, maybe I just screwed that one up). Nor is it to mock the Detroit Lions for losing the first toilet bowl, granting the Rams their first "win."


And Brady Quinn, I know you want to be like Brett Favre, but that doesn’t mean throwing a low block and getting fined for it. And at least when Favre did it, it wasn’t on an interception. Quinn's attempt at playing linebacker nets him this week's Nappy-Headed-Ho of the week award.


Instead, I have to ask about the scheduling of this game. Now I know due to schedule rotation, these teams had to play. But why now? Why in November? Why not put these teams against each other in Week One? That way at least one of these teams would know what it’s like to be over .500 (who knows, maybe it’ll end in a scoreless tie).


But now that it is being played at this time of the season, the question is, could the Browns actually be WORSE than the winless Lions of last season? Let’s be honest. The reason why Dick Jauron lost his job in Buffalo was because he gave up the Browns’ only win this season. And that’s another reason why Jim Zorn will lose his, for giving the Lions their first win in nearly two years.


With all the buzz in Jacksonville over blacked out games, you have to figure this one has absolutely no hope whatsoever. Maybe they should’ve made this the game that was played in Europe. After all, it is an interconference game. Sure, the NFL may not gain as many new fans of football from watching this game, but at least neither of the team’s fans would be subjected to having to watch it.


For entertainment purposes, this game has the appeal of watching a train wreck. Or watching an Ed Wood movie. Or listening William Hung sing cover for Ricky Martin. Neither team really has an upper hand, and when picking this game it really is coin toss choice. I’m tempted to go with the Lions because they are playing at home. Then again, that was the case when they played the Rams.