Raiderhed Keeps The Mood Fun In Oakland

Al's WingmanAnalyst INovember 18, 2009

With just about everything we’re hearing about the Oakland Raiders being bad news these days, there is actually a little bit of fun going on locally.


If you are old enough to get into a bar, enjoy consuming awesome bar food and commiserating with fellow Raider fans, then catching Raiderhed is a must.  Raiderhed plays every Saturday night prior to Raider home games at Ricky’s in San Leandro, Calif.


If you have never been to Ricky’s, at all then it’s questionable you have lived the full Raiders experience.  It’s all about atmosphere. 


Lots of Bay Area bars support the Raiders but few truly represent the culture of the fans as Ricky’s has over the years.


Win or lose, you can always count on good times at Ricky’s, where you can talk Raiders all day and night, regardless of opinion and differences. 


It’s where the fans come since the Internet just doesn’t hold up as meaningful enough.


Raiderhed also plays at the south end of the Oakland Coliseum parking lot on home game days.  Tailgating at the Coliseum can be confusing to navigate so it’s best to plan ahead if you actually expect to find the south section of the lot.


They’re not the greatest band you’ve ever heard.  To be perfectly honest, they are not even a good band but they don’t need to be. 


Raiderhed is just good fun with their original lyrics sung (badly) over well known tunes such as Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train among many others.


My personal favorite is "Cleveland Sucks" (as if Browns fans need to be reminded of that) sung to the tune of Ian Hunter's "Cleveland Rocks".


You’ll just have to check them out yourself with a net search.  Here are some youtube links to get you started (I Wanna Win) (I'm a Raiders Fan)