Dwayne Bowe Show on Hiatus, Kansas City WR Suspended Four Weeks by NFL

James AdkinsCorrespondent IINovember 17, 2009

KANSAS CITY, MO - OCTOBER 11:  Dwayne Bowe #82 of the Kansas City Chiefs tries to play the ball during the NFL game against the Dallas Cowboys at Arrowhead Stadiumin on October 11, 2009 Kansas City, Missouri. The Cowboys defeated the Chiefs 26-20 in overtime. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Chiefs head coach Todd Haley can't seem to catch a break, or maybe he can.

After six straight losses and only one win to his credit, the heat was getting turned up on Haley, as fans and the media became increasingly skeptical of Haley's decision-making and play calling.

Then three weeks ago, running back Larry Johnson quickly took the focus off of Haley with his open criticism of the head coach on Twitter. Everyone jumped on the LJ media circus, Johnson was released, and Haley escaped public criticism for a couple more weeks.

Now after some sketchy play calls again in Sunday's narrow win over a bad Raiders team, Haley is facing the difficult task of gameplanning for a very good Steelers team. With another loss likely on the horizon, Haley was bound to have to start answering tough questions about his coaching ability, right?

Maybe not.

Tuesday, the NFL announced that Dwayne Bowe, the team's best young offensive player, has been suspended for four weeks for violating the league's policy against performance enhancing drugs.

Bowe, who leads the Chiefs with 33 catches for 466 yards and 4 touchdowns, took all of training camp to get out of Haley's doghouse, and now it appears he'll be right back in it. 

Bowe cannot participate in any team-related activities for the next four weeks, and he will miss four game checks due to the suspension.

For Haley, it provides yet another distraction to take the focus off his coaching deficiencies. Rather than having to answer more questions about things such as his affinity to go for it on fourth down, he now has a less difficult task of answering questions about how he can replace Bowe.

As far as the Chiefs' offense is concerned, losing Bowe takes their best receiver off the field. It means that Lance Long and Bobby Wade will have to fill the void left by Bowe at receiver, a difficult task to say the least.

With opposing defenses now shifting their focus to stop the newly acquired Chris Chambers, the Chiefs will be looking to get more production out of their tight ends and backs. That means running back Jamaal Charles, and tight ends Leonard Pope and Sean Ryan will likely see increased roles in the passing game.

While it may never be known what substance Bowe tested positive for, he has most certainly put himself in a precarious position with the Chiefs and his head coach.

If Bowe can't get himself back in Haley's good graces, he may want to call an interior decorator to make that doghouse feel a little more at-home. It could become his permanent residence for the duration of his stay in Kansas City.

Hopefully for Chiefs' fans, Bowe doesn't use his extra free time the next four weeks to share his opinions about his head coach on any social networking sites.

Instead, Bowe may want to find a new personal trainer or dietitian who knows what NFL players are not allowed to put in their bodies.