Cubicle GM NFL Power Rankings: Week 11 Edition

Jacob NitzbergAnalyst INovember 17, 2009

Welcome to the Week 11 edition of the Cubicle GM NFL Power Rankings.  Every Tuesday you can look forward to our composite rankings, as well as a bit of brief insight and analysis about each of the 32 teams.

The rankings are determined by taking the average of each of the contributors here at The Cube .  For Week 11, we have rankings from five members of the Cubicle GM team, including me, Gideon, Mickey, Walker and Smokey. 

So remember, if you disagree with some portion of our rankings, be sure to check the individual rankings to find the culprit.

For the fifth straight week, the Saints and Colts held on to the top two spots in the rankings after their respective close wins.  However, for the first time in a month, it was not unanimous, as Walker chose to give the Colts the nod as the NFL’s top team and Gideon moved the Patriots up to No. 2 despite their loss.

After a big win over the Eagles, the Chargers jumped back into the Top 10 for the first time since Week 3, moving up five spots to No. 7.  Also re-entering the Top 10 were the Ravens, who moved up three spots to No. 8.  Falling out as a result were the Eagles and Falcons, who each dropped two spots following their losses.

The bottom of the rankings got another change this week, as it appears the dreadful teams are separating themselves from those that are just merely awful.  The Cleveland Browns found themselves in the No. 32 position for the first time all year, slightly below the Buccaneers, Chiefs, Raiders and Rams.  The bottom third of the rankings got two new entries, as both the Chicago Bears and San Francisco 49ers fell after their miserable Thursday night game.

There was less movement in the ranks than there has been the past few weeks, as ten teams stayed in the same position as last week.  Of the 22 teams that did move, eight of them moved at least three spots up or down the ranks.

The biggest positive movement this week came from the aforementioned Chargers, but the next biggest just was surprisingly the Jaguars, who moved up four spots after defeating the Jets. The biggest downward mover was not surprising, as the Chicago Bears dropped four spots after failing to find the end zone on Thursday night.

The disagreements among the rankers remained few and far between this week, but when they did occur they were a little bigger. There were just four disagreements of at least seven spots in their ranks, but there was a double digit disagreement between two of the contributors.  And back to our old ways, all four disagreements involved our pal, Smokey.

Philadelphia Eagles (10) – Walker 7, Smokey 17

Green Bay Packers (9) – Smokey 9, Mickey 18

Baltimore Ravens (7) – Jacob / Smokey 8, Mickey 15

Arizona Cardinals (7) – Smokey 11, Gideon 18

On the divisional side, the NFC East’s lead has evaporated, as they now rank fourth among the divisions.  Leading the way is the AFC North with an average score of 12.95.  They barely edge their friends from the AFC South, who come in with an average of 13.45.  The bottom division remains the same for the eighth consecutive week, and this time it isn’t close.  The NFC West checks in with a 22.55 average score, while second to last was over 3.5 points higher, with the AFC West coming in with a score of 19.00.

As a reminder, you can check out all the backup data here .  As always, last week’s ranks are in parentheses.  Without further ado, onto the rankings