NFL Week 11 Predictions

Lorraine PerlaContributor INovember 17, 2009

With the half way mark of NFL season, NFL Week 11 Predictions are right around the corner. This time, sports punters will have fun over NFL Week 11 for their betting prospects.

Week 11 NFL Picks were already depicted and most people believe they were quite interesting and there were controversy too for various reasons. How ever, Week 11 NFL Predictions are here and I’ll be updating you on the upcoming NFL Week Predictions too.

The following are NFL Week 11 Predictions, let's have a look and it would be great if you express your opinions on this:

Carolina 24, Miami 21:
These are two 4-5 teams that seem to play. Comparatively, Panthers are better but Dolphins have ability for big play and they can ameliorate their score.

Pittsburgh 31, Kansas City 17:
Against the Bengals, the Steelers played such a poor game and they will be looking to get back on their path. Despite a win of KC against Oakland, it was still only a win against them.

Detroit 20, Cleveland 13:
Week 11 bums are here.

New Orleans 31, Tampa Bay 10:
For last couple of weeks, Buccaneers have been so competitive but they have not played a defense any where as Saints did.

NY Giants 28, Atlanta 24:
For four straight losses, the bye week will have helped the Giants correct what ever led them. At home, the Falcons have been starring but have struggled on the road.

Jacksonville 24, Buffalo 14:
Statistically, the Bills are really near the bottom of the league. Though Jaguars do not have the best defense but still they can minimum score.

Dallas 31, Washington 17:
The Cowboys will get their offense back, after last week's offensive barbarity against the Packers. Washington has too many fixes for Dallas to feat.

Minnesota 27, Seattle 13:
Last week, on beating the Cardinals, the Seahawks saved their NFL season.

Green Bay 20, San Francisco 13:
The 49ers' defense flew on field by bringing mayhem, but their offense caused dejection. The Packers carry the edge in offensive capability.

Indianapolis 24, Baltimore 16:
The Colts contributed like any thing in their win against the Patriots. They can't go undefeated this season but they won't get their first loss at the hands of the Ravens.

Arizona 31, St. Louis 21:
The strength of Ram’s is their running game. Unfortunately, that is the one strong point on the Cardinals' defense.

New England 23, NY Jets 20:
The Patriots lost to the Colts just because of shocking coaching decision. To prove some thing to their coach, league and to them selves as well, the New England defense is going to come out. Due to Patriot’s ferocity, the Jets will not be ready.

Denver 21, San Diego 17:
Since Week Six, Broncos have lost three straight and the Chargers have won four in a row. A known opponent and an advantage of home field is the only thing in Denver’s favor in this week.

Cincinnati 35, Oakland 9:
The Bengals have been quite dominant and if they can hold off an offensive attack from the Steelers then they will have no problem with the hapless Raiders. Coming to Oakland, they really do not have any idea what's going on with their team.

Philadelphia 27, Chicago 16:
Through out the year, Bears did not beat any powerful team though they won in Week Two. I guess Jay Cutler is the secret weapon for the Eagles.

Tennessee 31, Houston 28:
The Titans have been performing and scoring well. Texans may come out plugging after a bye week but they can also come out flat.