NFL Power Rankings Week 11 Analysis

steve tischContributor INovember 16, 2009

ST. LOUIS - NOVEMBER 15: Pierre Thomas #23 of the New Orleans Saints rushes against the St. Louis Rams at the Edward Jones Dome on November 15, 2009 in St. Louis, Missouri.  The Saints beat the Rams 28-23.  (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)
Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

It's time to check out NFL Power Rankings Week 11

Cincinnati took a big jump in the standings and is now one of the AFC favorites to make it to the Super Bowl, along with New England, and Indianapolis.

The Steelers without Polamalu is like a day without sunshine. Gloomy and dark.

Your number one team in the NFL is...............The New Orleans Saints.

No. 2, is Peyton Manning and the Colts. They are undefeated unless New England gets them tonight, then the Colts drop two spots, and  New England goes up one to two positions.

No. 3 position is held by the Minnesota Vikings are 8-1. There is no explanation here.They have the third best record in the league against some quality teams.

No. 4 is the Cincinnati Bengals. A big win over Pittsburgh, sweeping that series, and a 7-2 record that should in all reality be 8-1. This team is all about the W.

Deep breath here now. Relax. Clear your mind of all barriers and let the truth flow. Hang on not to past dreams, but today's reality. Denver has lost three in a row. Dallas got shut out in Green Bay, who can't beat Tampa Bay.

No one else is eligible for this number five spot so welcome back Patriots the top five of professional football. Fear Bill Belicek and Tom Brady in the playoffs.

Currently the New England Patriots are in the number five spot with maybe a 7-2 record if they can knock off no. two Indianapolis. The Colts could fall as low as number five with a loss, or hold steady at number two with a win against New England.

No. 6 is the Pittsburgh Steelers at 6-3 for the season. They have to win a few down the stretch now, and see who can trip up the Bengals. A third play-off matchup is very interesting.

It is very hard to beat a team three times in one season if they are evenly matched.

No. 7 goes to the Arizona Cardinals who keep showing up week after week. Now at 6-3, the offense is explosive with Warner and his receivers.

No. 8 is the San Diego Chargers who would be oh so much better with a defense.

No. 9 nine are the Denver Broncos, now the proud parents of a strapping eight pound three game losing streak and San Diego knocking at the door.

No. 10 are the under achieving Dallas Cowboys who get shut out, by the team the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat for their only win.

No. 11 belongs to Atlanta, outside looking in at the big boys playing in the yard. This may be a little rough for you, youngsters. Better wait until next year when you are bigger and stronger.

The once mighty New York Giants are now in the No. 12 position and needs some wins now, No more excuses, Execute and move up. Struggle and miss the playoffs. Get it together G-Men.

Houston is now hovering in that zone of maybe making the playoffs. 5-4 and hope springs eternal. Better get some wins too, Texans or you'll be with the Giants. One game short.

The San Francisco Forty-Niners, or the little train that could, are at No. 14. Mike Singletary must get something up his sleeve to get a win in Green Bay.

The surprising Jacksonville Jags are at 5-4 and are at an astonishing record for this season so far. They can beat Buffalo and actually be at 6-4. Wow! Good job with the three name dudes. You need some more of those. No. fifteen is your reward.

Baltimore who still has some hope for the playoffs, after Cincinnati beat the Steelers is currently in No. 16. They should win next week, because they suddenly have to, if the playoffs are to follow this season.

The Packers are number 17, and moved up after beating the Cowboys. Next week, can they do it again beating No. 14 ranked San Francisco? A big game for both teams motivation for this season.

Philadelphia is falling off the charts with this win one, lose one pattern.8-8 will not cut it, guys. Now at No. 18 and going to angry Bears that are wounded at home next.

The Dolphins are at No. 19 and it does not look good for playoffs to  be in Miami's future this season.

The Panthers are at 4-5 now and have made a nice recovery from the 0-3 start. No. 20 and No. 19 play next week. 5-5 to the winner.

The Bears are at No. 21 and really need a miracle to catch anyone to make the playoffs.

The Jets are not that much better and need a lot of things to happen, just to go 8-8 this season. Again, this team will not make the playoffs. No. 22 to the Jets.

No. 23 goes to Tennessee who is now on a three-game winning streak. Hooray!!!

Seattle is No. 24 with a record of  3-6 and is going no where fast.

Washington is the best of the bad teams, beating Denver and staying out of everyone in the NFC East's way, 3-6  and No. 25.

Buffalo is also 3-6 and No. 27. Maybe you should put T.O. in your game plan, a little more. The man can catch, dummies.

No. 28 is Kansas City who beat the Raiders in Oakland. 2-7 and a brownie point.

No. 29 are the inept quarterbacked Raiders. who finally sat Russell, I hope, forever.

No. 30 are the Buc's, who are somehow, improving, week by week.

No. 31 and slipping fast, are the Detroit Lions, who need another win, next week against....... you guessed it, No. 32, and  worst team in the league Cleveland Browns.

Oops, I forgot the Rams. I skipped a number after Washington. Ok, Number 31 1/2 to the Rams.

Enjoy your week and watch key power match ups next week as No. 11 Giants host the No. 12 Falcons .

San Diego at No.eight takes on No. nine Denver in Mile High Stadium. Both teams desperately need to win and this game will rock.

Baltimore must find a way to slow down Peyton Manning and the Colts if they want to play in the post season. The Colts travel to Baltimore in firm control of their own playoff destiny.


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