NCAA Football Top 25 Week 11: TCU Proves They're No. 1, Stanford Jumps To 12

Tyler StimsonCorrespondent INovember 15, 2009

FORT WORTH, TX - NOVEMBER 14:  Quarterback Andy Dalton #14 of the TCU Horned Frogs congratulates teammate Jeremy Kerley #85 after a touchdown in the second quarter against the Utah Utes at Amon G. Carter Stadium on November 14, 2009 in Fort Worth, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Tyler Stimson votes in the ESPN-U poll and the Bleacher Report poll.

(Team Records in parentheses )

1. TCU (10-0)—Demolished Utah 55-28. They jumped out to a 35-7 lead early in the second quarter and never looked back. Utah scored some points in garbage time to make the score look closer than it really was.

Stat of the week: Victories over teams in the current top 25: TCU three (Clemson, BYU, Utah), Alabama one (LSU), Florida one (LSU), Texas one (OSU).

This team keeps rolling towards a BCS bowl, and hopefully a national title appearance. All they need is a Texas and Cincinnati loss, and they are a shoe-in for the title game. But in my opinion, this team deserves to get in over Texas, and play the SEC champion. Their defense is (arguably) the best in all of college football.

On offense, they average over 200 yards rushing a game and have one of the most efficient dual threat QBs in the nation in Andy Dalton.

And on special teams they have Jeremy Kerley, who already has two punt return touchdowns and is extremely dangerous as a receiver or running the wildcat formation. Against Utah they blocked a punt and forced a fumble on a kickoff in the 1st quarter.

This is the only team that has beaten Boise State since the 2007 season.

They finished No. 7 in the polls last year.

This team has no clear weakness. They are the only team in the nation in the top 10 in offense and defense. They have played a tough schedule, and they are worthy of the No. 1 overall ranking.

In comparing Alabama and TCU, consider this: TCU beat San Diego State 55-12. San Diego State lost to UCLA 33-14. Tennessee also lost to UCLA, but by 30-19. Alabama beat Tennessee by only two points at home, needing two blocked field goals to do so. So that means that TCU is 33 points better than Alabama.

Since Florida beat Tennessee by 10, TCU is only 25 points better than Florida.

In comparing Texas and TCU, consider this: TCU beat BYU 38-7. BYU beat Oklahoma 14-13. Texas beat Oklahoma 16-13. So TCU is 29 points better than Texas!

In comparing TCU and Oregon, consider this: TCU beat Utah 55-28. Utah lost to Oregon 31-24. So TCU is 20 points better than Oregon, the No. 1 team in the Pac-10.

(I'm not being completely serious, I'm just showing the idiocy of A-B-C team comparisons, especially when you take into account margin of victory)

To fans in the Dallas/Fort Worth area: Thanks for selling out the stadium, its been a long time coming!

2. Alabama (10-0) Beat Mississippi State 31-3. This is the domination I expect from Alabama on a weekly basis. Mississippi State is usually much more competitive. Alabama was very impressive. They broke a 17-3 game wide open in the 4th quarter with two long TDs.

3. Florida (10-0) Survived against South Carolina 24-14. Is this a complete team now that Tim Tebow is healthy? I think not. Because this team seems clearly dominant on defense, but only slightly above average offensively (at least in my estimation).

I really thought South Carolina might pull off the upset, but as South Carolina was driving early in the 4th quarter for the go-ahead score, Florida intercepted a deflected pass and returned it deep into SC territory for a 14-point swing, which was the difference in the game, and the play of the college football weekend. South Carolina had all the momentum, and just like that the game was out of reach.

4. Texas (10-0) —Absolutely crushed Baylor 47-14. Yet again, not exactly a tough test, but they passed with flying colors. They were up 37-0 at halftime. I think the only possible upset remaining on their schedule is in the Big 12 title game against (possibly) Nebraska.

5. Boise State (10-0)—Beat a good Idaho team 63-25 at home. If this team runs the table and still doesn’t make a BCS bowl, it will be a complete and utter travesty.

But, where will they end up if they don't make it to a BCS bowl? Playing BYU/Utah in the Pointsetta or Las Vegas bowl? I hope they get their chance against a BCS team. Nothing makes the BCS elite happier than seeing non-BCS teams cannibalize each other.

6. Cincinatti (10-0) —Beat West Virginia 24-21 in a wild one. West Virginia was able to keep this one close on Friday Night. Stat of the game: Tony Pike only threw 4 passes for 19 yards, but two were TDs. Collaros threw for over 200 yards but no TDs. Cincinnati keeps rolling towards the de facto Big East championship game against Pittsburgh in the final week of the season.

7. Georgia Tech (9-1) Dominated Duke 49-10 and clinched a spot in the ACC title game. They are the highest ranked one-loss team in the country. Their only blemish came in week two to Miami.

8. Pittsburgh (9-1)—Survived a dramatic comeback from Notre Dame, winning 27-22 at home. Pittsburgh against Cincinnati is biggest game left of the regular season.

9. Oregon (8-2)—Beat Arizona State 44-21. They had a 31-7 halftime lead. Among a myriad of two-loss teams, I think Oregon is the best.

10. Ohio State (9-2)—Survived a dramatic Iowa comeback with a 27-24 OT home victory. They have secured a share of the Big 10 title and a Rose Bowl berth.

11. LSU (8-2)—Beat Louisiana Tech, 24-16. They trailed 13-10 at half. This is a good team, but I'm pretty confident they'd finish in the middle of the pack in the Pac-10. It kind of feels like LSU has sleepwalked through the season, particularly on the offensive side of the ball.

12. Stanford (7-3) Shocked USC at home 55-21 in convincing fashion. Scored more points against USC than any team ever has. Two straight weeks, two straight upsets, and two straight victories over what many consider to be the two best teams in the Pac-10. Stanford just needs an Oregon loss and they control their BCS destiny.

13. Clemson (7-3)—Beat NC State 43-23. Has three losses by a combined 10 points. One came to No. 1 TCU, one came to No. 7 Georgia Tech (by three points on the road), and one (inexplicably) came to Maryland. But to me this is a top 15 caliber team, and they are worthy of this ranking. CJ Spiller should be a finalist for the Heisman.

14. Iowa (9-2)—Lost a thriller to Ohio State 27-24. With USC's loss, Iowa, with its rabid fanbase, is not in a bad position to get a BCS at-large berth.

15 . Oklahoma State (8-2)—Beat a solid Texas Tech team, 24-17. This team is not overrated, but the only two top 25-caliber teams they've played, they've lost to.

16. Wisconsin (8-2) Beat Michigan 45-24. Oh how things have fallen apart for Michigan...but Wisconsin looks solid.

17. BYU (8-2)—Played some of their worst football of the season, escaping winless New Mexico with a 24-19 win on the road. But a win is a win. BYU has finished perfect on the road (6-0) in the regular season for the first time since their National Championship season in 1984.

18. Utah  (8-2)—Lost to TCU 55-28. This is a solid team that tends to play down or up to their competition, but not today. They got demolished by TCU. TCU jumped out to a 35-7 lead early in the second quarter and never really looked back. Their other loss is 24-31 at Oregon (one of the best home teams in the entire country). One positive: 28 points is the most TCU has given up all season.

19. Houston (8-2)—Lost to UCF 37-32. Their luck finally ran out, and Case Keenum was unable to win in dramatic fashion. They still have a solid resume, having beaten Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, and Mississippi State in their non-conference schedule.

20. Penn State (8-2)—Beat Indiana 31-20. Their best victory of the season is against...Northwestern. They only have two losses, but have played one of the easier schedules in the entire country.

21. Rutgers (8-2)—Had a great victory on Thursday night against USF winning 31-0, knocking them out of the top 25.

22. Navy (8-3) Beat Delaware 35-18. They have solid wins over Air Force and Notre Dame, and close losses at Pitt and at Ohio State.

23. USC (7-3) Got crushed by Stanford at home 55-21. USC's recent run of Pac-10 titles looks like its over. So, why does USC have three losses this year? In my opinion, it is not because they are much that much worse, it is because the Pac-10 is that much better and deeper.

The Pac-10 might be the best conference (top-to-bottom) in college football. But this loss really is poring salt over an open wound, at least for USC fans. The only thing that kept them in the top 25 is their victory over Ohio State earlier this year.

24. North Carolina (7-3)—Upset Miami 33-24. They have quietly won three in a row, including wins over Miami, Virginia Tech, and Duke.

25. Miami  (7-3)—Got upset by North Carolina 33-24. They remain in the top 25 because they have the most impressive victory of the entire college football season (up to this point): They beat Georgia Tech (Current No. 7) 31-17 clear back in week two.


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