NCAA Football Top 25 Week Nine: Sorry Texas, Oregon, Florida; TCU Is No. 1

Tyler StimsonCorrespondent INovember 1, 2009

SAN DIEGO, CA - DECEMBER 23:  Head Coach Gary Patterson of the TCU Horned Frogs and his team celebrate their 17-16 win over Boise State Broncos during the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl at Qualcomm Stadium on December 23, 2008 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)
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There is a ton of change in my top 25. It was an awesome week of college football; many statements were made. Here is my new top 25:

(Tyler Stimson votes in the ESPN-U poll and the Bleacher Report poll. )

(Previous rankings of top 10 teams in parentheses. )

1. TCU (3) — Shutout UNLV 41-0. Some may say, so what? But UNLV's previous season low in points was 21 against Oregon State.

This defense is (arguably) the best in all of college football.

On offense, they average over 200 yards rushing a game and have one of the most efficient dual threat QB's in the nation in Andy Dalton.

And on special teams they have Jeremy Kerley, who already has two punt return touchdowns and is extremely dangerous as a receiver or running the wildcat formation.

This is the last team to beat Boise State in nearly two years.

This team has no clear weakness. They have played a tough schedule. And they are worthy of the No. 1 overall ranking.

In comparing USC and TCU, consider this: TCU beat UNLV 41-0. UNLV lost to Oregon State 23-21 on a last second field goal. USC beat Oregon State by six points. So that means that TCU is 33 points better than USC!

In comparing Texas and TCU, consider this: TCU beat BYU 38-7. BYU beat Oklahoma 14-13. Texas beat Oklahoma 16-13. So TCU is 29 points better than Texas!

(I'm not being completely serious, I'm just showing the idiocy of A-B-C team comparisons, especially when you take into account margin of victory)

To fans in the Dallas/Fort Worth area: Wake up! If people in Texas truly love football you have to support this team and start selling out that stadium!

Here is another article I wrote today (from my perspective as a BYU fan) on why TCU will win a national title.

2. Texas (1) — Absolutely crushed Oklahoma State 41-14 and they are right up there in the discussion for No. 1 in the country. I just couldn't quite put them ahead of TCU. Both of these teams are pretty similar, except TCU has a better defense and a better running game. Colt McCoy is slightly better than Andy Dalton, but don't sleep on Dalton.

Were SEC officials officiating that game? That "forward progress" call was ridiculous and took away all of Oklahoma State's momentum.

3. Florida (2) — Shellacked Georgia 41-17 in Jacksonville. After two relatively uninspiring wins against inferior competition, Florida dominated at a neutral site the way they should; without having any extra help from the referees.

I dropped them by a spot because Georgia is that bad. Florida should've beaten them by more. All kidding aside, this team has righted the ship thanks to Tim Tebow's impressive day (4 total TD's) and they drop do to me warming up to TCU, not because of anything they did wrong.

4. Boise State (6) — Smacked San Jose State 45-7. No one should sleep on this team. If TCU finishes undefeated and ahead of Boise State in the polls, which I think they should and will, they still undoubtedly deserve a BCS bowl berth.

Every victory by Oregon strengthens Boise States' BCS resume. Boise State has the singe most impressive victory so far this college football season. Unless Boise State falters, I'm keeping them ahead of Oregon.

5. Alabama (4) — Took the week off. They have a chance to impress me and other pollsters next week against LSU. Their victory over Virginia Tech looks less and less impressive as the season has gone on, as does their passing attack. That defense is incredible though.

6. Oregon (8) — Beat USC 47-20. They had the most impressive win of the weekend. They clearly look like the best team in the Pac-10. They are playing like the best team in the country.

They have the inside track among the one-loss teams to the national title game, but I just cannot justify putting them above Boise State. Maybe I would consider it if Boise State started playing close games, but Boise is blowing out their cupcake schedule, as they should.

That was the worst loss USC has had under Pete Caroll, and the most points a USC defense under Pete Caroll has given up. What a statement!

I still have that 19-8 loss to Boise State in the back of my mind. But I feel like if there were a playoff, this team would have a good shot as shot as anybody of taking the title. We need a playoff, now!

7. Cincinnati  — Beat Syracuse 28-7. This team keeps rolling towards the de facto Big East championship game against Pittsburgh in the final week of the season.

8. Iowa (5) — Beat Indiana 42-24. This is the game where Iowa finally had a comfortable victory, winning by 18 points... Not! For a description of what transpired, click here for Bryan Kelly's article on why Iowa may be the luckiest team in college football.

All humor aside, Iowa should not have won this game, but they still won. Will their luck ever run out? And as long as they keep winning, I will keep them ahead of any one-loss team (besides Oregon, that is).

9. LSU — Defeated Auburn convincingly 31-10. The theory among LSU fans is that LSU still controls their national championship destiny. If they can beat Alabama, then beat Florida in the SEC championship game, then they'd supposedly get in. But personally, I'd put any of the undefeated teams in ahead of them.

10. Georgia Tech — After being tied 28-28 at the end of the first half, Georgia Tech outscored Vanderbilt 28-3 in the second half and ended up winning 56-31. They have the best offensive rushing attack in the country.

11. Penn State — Northwestern kept it close for a half, but Penn State pulled away in the end, winning 34-13.

12. Utah — Beat Wyoming 22-10. This is a solid team that tends to play down to their competition. Their only loss is 24-31 at Oregon (one of the best teams in the entire country).

13. Pittsburgh — Took the week off. They have big games against Notre Dame and Cincinnati before the end of the season.

14. Houston — Escaped against Southern Miss, 50-43. Case Keenum was 44-54 for 559 yard and 5 TD's. Keenum and this efficient offense makes this team one that can be competitive against any team in the country.

15. Arizona — Beat UCLA 27-13. This team has only two losses; at Iowa and at Washington. They are the only team to beat Central Michigan and are 3-1 in the Pac 10. They are my surprise pick for third place in the conference.

16. Miami — Found a way to win 28-27, avoiding the upset against Wake Forest.

17. USC (13) - Got shellacked by Oregon 47-20. What happened to USC's defense? They went from giving up eight points a game in their first five games, to 27, 36, and 47 in their last three. Huh?

18. Ohio State — Shut out New Mexico State 45-0. I think that's three shutouts this year. Impressive. How in the world did they lose to Purdue?

19 . Oklahoma State - Got shellacked at home against a great Texas team. The game could've been much more competitive, they just did not get any breaks and folded under pressure to the momentum of Texas.

20. BYU — Had a bye. They play at Wyoming next week. They are 6-2, and they will stay one spot ahead (for now) of the 5-3 Oklahoma team they beat by one point in week one. Here is an article I wrote on the story of BYU's season up to this point, entitled: Great Expectations.

21. Oklahoma — Defeated Big 12 North leader Kansas State 42-30. This team has done a good job of moving on without Sam Bradford. It has been a truly tragic season for the Sooners, their three losses came by a combined five points, all to top 20 teams. Sooner fans have to constantly ask themselves, what if? The upside for the Sooners is that Landry Jones will be an experienced starter entering his (redshirt) Sophomore year.

22. Notre Dame - Beat Washington State 41-14 in the Alamo Dome in San Antonio, TX.

23. Wisconsin - Beat Purdue 37-0.

24. California - Beat Arizona State 23-21 on the road, in a thriller.

25. South Florida - Upset West Virginia 30-19 on Friday night. Is this a good football team? I'm not really sure.

Dropped Out: Virginia Tech (16), West Virginia (18), Central Michigan (22), South Carolina (23)

Newcomers: Wisconsin, California, South Florida, Notre Dame,

Please post any comments below! Let me know what you think about these rankings.

What do you totally disagree with? Please let me know!

Here is a link to my rankings from last week.

Thanks for reading, everyone!


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