RAIDERS/ CHEIFS Much More Than An Opportunity

kevin lurkerContributor INovember 14, 2009

  CONGRATULATIONS to the Gallery and Satele Families on their new additions!!

 This game is much more important on many levels. Coming into Oakland 1-7 and just below our Raider team, this game has the potential to boost our destiny forward or spiral it down into a black hole of despair.

 The decided outcome will not only change the division status, it's outcome will more than likely change the draft order and that with the money expected from the top 5-10 picks can hamper a franchise for the next few years. Psychologically the loser of this game can kiss away the rest of their season, thus sending it's players and fans into the darkness known as " it's over"

 Do not take it lightly Raider fans..This game is the LINE IN THE SAND!!!

 Should we lose, all of the positives of promise, all the forgiving of past adjustments due to injury..due to youth..due to growth..are GONE and anarchy and division will rein down as never before throughout the fan base and the team.

 Should we win, Hope will be resurrected, the future of potential will be discussed and fortified by accomplishment. The chance for a sellout at home increases and a positive air will domino throughout Raider Nation.

 With a bye week to reflect, reassemble, and reload, This is the crossroads. Coach Cable's future with the team rides on the outcome. If he loses this one, I believe he is done as head coach. The Raiders will be seeking yet another answer for leadership they have lacked since Jon Gruden was here.

Raiders have to show up strong at Home tomorrow. Their future depends on it.

Like the new father's on our team are responsible for their families future. Raider players have an opportunity tomorrow to take responsibility for their future. They have the means and need to protect their family and their house. There is just too much on the line here to let it slip away.