Memo to the New York Giants: Show Plaxico Burress the Money

Andrew MeesAnalyst IJune 11, 2008

I'm usually the type of sports fan who hates when players publicly gripe for more money or a new contract. I think it should be done behind closed doors, and there is absolutely no need to have it in the newspapers.

Plaxico Burress tried to go that route with the Giants this off-season. He told the team he was unhappy with his contract, and that he wasn't satisfied with the way the negotiations had gone to this point. As we saw on Wednesday, Burress dressed for practice, but refused to participate, making a very public statement about his contract situation. 

I have four words for the Giants: Show—Him—The—Money.

This man is your franchise QB's best receiving option. They were an outstanding tandem last season, and he didn't even practice the entire year! Imagine if he had been on the practice field, and the chemistry him and Eli Manning would have had. They could have been even better.

That leads me to my next point. This man jeopardized his career last season playing with a torn ligament in his ankle. He didn't miss a game. He made everyone question just how important practice is, and was a huge reason for the team's improbable run to a Super Bowl victory.

He and Eli Manning have connected for 29 touchdown passes since 2005, the most of any duo in the NFL. He led the team in catches, yards, and TDs last season. To say he is vital to the Giants' success is an understatement.

He is slated to make just over three million dollars this season, and, quite frankly, that's not enough. Javon Walker will be making nine million dollars this year. If anyone can give me a logical explanation for why he should make three times more money than Plaxico Burress, I'd love to hear it. 

Burress wants to remain a Giant, but he needs to be paid like the premier receiver he is. All he is asking for is that the team treats him fairly.

In today's NFL, players can be cut when they under-perform. So, why can't they ask for more money when they outperform their contract? That's all Burress is doing.

The Giants have ponied up for several of their players this off-season, and Burress should be next in line. If the G-men have any hopes of repeating as champs, they need a happy Plax on the field.