Thoughts and Reflections

Josh GilchristContributor INovember 13, 2009

DENVER - NOVEMBER 09: Ben Roethlisberger #7 of the Pittsburgh Steelers gets sacked by Elvis Dumervil #92 and Darrell Reid #95 of the Denver Broncos at Invesco Field at Mile High on November 09, 2009 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

So many people are coming out of the woodwork about how bad of a team Denver is. To them, the 6 and 0 start was all smoke and mirrors. They are the worst 6 and 0 team in the history of the NFL.

I heard some dipstick on the radio this morning gaurantee that Denver won’t make the playoffs. Why are certain people so infatuated with Denver’s demise this season? Don’t we usually celebrate teams that overachieve and are up-and-coming? I guess people are still jealous of all of the trips to the Super Bowl and the two Lombardi trophies.

I have a few observations or points that I would like to make:

1. Nobody should be gauranteeing anything about where Denver is going. They have lost two games in a row. They haven’t looked good, but Pittsburgh didn’t look good after three weeks, Dallas didn’t look good after five weeks, and San Diego didn’t look good after the first six weeks either. Teams go through rough patches. I would rather have the Broncos slip during weeks eight and nine than weeks fifteen through seventeen.

2. People need to be consistent about what kind of schedule they think Denver has. There are the people who say that Denver won’t be able to last with the difficult schedule they have, but then they turn around and say that they haven’t beaten anyone good. So, apparently, Dallas, New England, and San Diego (I will explain why I am leaving off Cincinnati in number 3) weren’t good when Denver beat them. Maybe they are saying that Denver wouldn’t be able to beat them again. Good teams find ways to win games, and they certainly found ways to beat Dallas and New England. San Diego wasn’t even a challenge in the second half. Losses to Baltimore and Pittsburgh do not negate the succcess they have had.

3. Most people who moan and complain about how lucky Denver is base it mostly off of Brandon Stokley’s miracle catch of a tipped ball in the opening week. It was a lucky catch. There I said it! However, I also want to tell those fans to quit hating on the Broncos for that win. If you actually watched the game you would have seen an amazing defensive performance with little to no help from the offense. The defense didn’t budge until the last half of the fourth quarter. The Broncos defense played well enough where I thought they deserved to win it. They got a lucky break and squeaked by an impressive Bengals squad. Has anyone else held the Bengals to only seven points this season? One lucky catch doesn’t mean that every single positive thing that Denver has done this season has been a fluke, does it?

4. I don’t think the 6 and 0 start was a fluke. I think it was definitely a case of overachieving, but Broncos fans and fans of good NFL stories should appreciate it. Instead, some radio egos are jacking their jaws about how Denver is an awful team that won’t make the playoffs this year. Why the hostility? Could it be that they were in love with Jay Cutler and Mike “I should always have tenure” Shanahan and this is sweet justice for the organization running those two out of town? I believe they are mad that Denver has already won two more games than most of them predicted that they would win. As for my preseason prediction…

5. I was going back and forth between 7 and 9 or 8 and 8. Plus, I committed myself to giving the new coach a chance, and that chance has got to be longer than eight weeks. It even has to be longer than a season. Here’s why…

6. Rome was not built in a week, and most rookie NFL coaches don’t take their team to the promised land in year one. Josh McDaniels has won my confidence as Denver’s head coach. He let a lot of people go and brought in people who are committed to team and improving. I have never claimed that they were perfect this year; I claimed that they were moving in the right direction.

7. We do ourselves a disservice as Broncos fans if we abandon ship due to two losses. We do ourselves a disservice when we resort to our second-guessing and self-loathing, anticipating another meltdown like last season. We did ourselves a disservice by expecting everything to remain perfect after a seemingly perfect start. We changed our expectations when, at most, all we really expected at the beginning of the season was some progress in the right direction with a hopeful 2010 season.

8. Denver is in the midst of the adversity that most people expected they would find themselves in this season. Still, like I said, they have already won two more games than a lot of people expected them to win all season. And, for that, some of them love to hate us. It may not be as satisfying of a season as the first six games indicated it would be, but four more wins will make it a success.

9. It is not always Neckbeard’s fault. I’ll leave it at that.

10. I am sick of Seahawks fans whose only hope seems to be where Denver will finish. I live in Washington state, so I hear it all the time. The radio dipstick that I mentioned is a Seattle guy here who covers the local teams. Of course, it would be nice for them to get a high pick, but it is a dumb reason to jump on the Denver-hating bandwagon. I know and respect a lot of Seahawk fans, but quit looking to another team for your hope. That’s pathetic!

11. Washington is a must win this week. If we lose it, people have all the more reason to to doubt us. Josh McDaniels needs to step up and figure out how to get his offense firing and finishing on all cylinders in a game that they should definitely win.