Get Yo' Popcorn Ready: Terrell Owens and His Best Touchdown Celebrations

Burger KingCorrespondent IJune 11, 2008


Even though some may think Terrell Owens is a cocky, ignorant, selfish player, he is one of the reasons why the NFL is fun to watch. Without him, and all the other players with touchdown celebrations and dances, football would not be nearly as entertaining.

He has had so many celebrations throughout his career with the 49ers, Eagles, and Cowboys that it's hard to remember them all. This is a list of the best 10 celebrations T.O. has done after scoring a touchdown:

10. In week 13 of the 2007 season, after catching a 10 yard pass from Tony Romo, Terrell Owens took pop-corn from the a fan and threw it through his face-mask.

9. In 2004 against the Bears, when Owens was with the Eagles, after scoring a touchdown he got on the ground and did six sit ups, one for each touchdown he had scored so far that season.

8. On November 5th, 2006, Terrell Owens caught a touchdown pass then got on the ground of the end zone and acted as if he was taking a nap, using the football as a pillow.

7. In a game against the Cleveland Browns, Owens caught a pass for a touchdown and then ran through the end-zone and tore down a fan-made sign that said "T.O. has B.O.".

6. One of his most used celebrations as an Eagle, in 2004 Owens started doing "The Bird" where he would flap his arms up and down.

5. As a 49er on December 15th, 2002, after scoring a touchdown T.O. ran toward a 49er cheerleader and took both her pompoms and started shaking them wildly and dancing.

4. In 2007, after a touchdown against the Miami Dolphins, Owens mocked Bill Belichick by hiding behind the field goal post and holding the ball like a camera, like he was secretly filming the game.

3. During a game facing the Ravens, when T.O. was an Eagle, Owens caught a short touchdown pass and in the end-zone started mocking Ray Lewis' famous pre-game dance.

2. One of Terrell Owens most publicized celebrations, mainly because the whole nation was watching on Monday night football, Terrell Owens pulled a sharpie out of his sock after scoring a touchdown and signed the football that he just scored with.

1. In Dallas, Texas on September 24th, 2000 Terrell Owens scored two touchdowns and in both touchdowns he ran from the end-zone to the middle of the field, where he stood on the Dallas Cowboys star logo and held up his arms. The second time Cowboys safety George Teague hit him to the ground during the celebration. This caused a small brawl between a few players and eventually led to Teague's ejection and Owens getting suspended one game and fined $24,000.

When you watch Terrell Owens play, you know you are going to see something exciting if he scores. Even if he gets fined every time he does it or gets nailed by an opposing player after he stands on the star in center field, you have to admit, he is entertaining to watch.