Fantasy DC's Week Ten: Buy/Sell Report

FantasyDCCorrespondent INovember 11, 2009

Steve Slaton HOU, RB

Jon Dove—Buy—The reason I am buying is because you can get him for very cheap. I also have no doubt in my mind that he will regain his starting position by the end of the season. The message has been sent and the fumbles will stop.

Billy Smith—Sell—He fumbles waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much. He also is only averaging close to 40 yards a game. That alone is not worth a pick up. Now, he isn’t even the starter. If someone will take him for some magic beans, do it!

Greg Olsen CHI, TE

Jon Dove—Buy—Olsen is finally fulfilling the preseason.. Defenses will give Olsen a lot of attention but he will still get targets. Also he will make several catches due to Culter not being afraid to throw the ball in double coverage.

Billy Smith—Buy—Six touchdowns is nothing to sneeze at (yes, three of them came on Sunday.) The Bears are going to be throwing the ball a lot down the stretch, so Olsen will be a solid pick up.

Josh Freeman TB, QB

Jon Dove—Hold—In deeper or keeper leagues Freeman is a buy. He has shown that he is capable of putting up good fantasy numbers. In season by season leagues he isn’t a very good option because he will be inconsistent from week to week. It would be a gamble any week you start him due to this inconsistency.

Billy Smith—Sell—To start, a 45 completion percentage is not good. Yes, he did beat the Packers in the orange uniforms, but there are better options out there than freeman at this point. For example: Matt Cassel.

Matt Cassel KC, QB

Jon Dove—Sell—I have no confidence in any aspect of the Kansas City offense. The one positive is that Cassel has been given a lot of money so he will be the starting quarterback in the future this gives him some keeper league value.

Billy Smith—Buy—In case you haven’t heard, Larry Johnson’s time in Kansas City has come to an end. This means the Chiefs are going to throw the ball more and that should mean bigger numbers for Cassel.

Robert Meachum NO, WR

Jon Dove—Sell—New Orleans has a lot of weapons which means the wealth will be spread out. Meachum is hit or miss and this lack of consistency keeps out of my sights.

Billy Smith—Buy—The former first round pick out of Tennessee has really come on strong of late and proven to be a deep threat for the Saints. He can make defenders miss in space and with the weak schedule down the stretch, look for Meachum’s numbers.