Why Batista's Heel Turn Could Really Hurt Friday Night SmackDown

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIINovember 10, 2009

After watching Bragging Rights , I, like others, thought that we were just seeing Batista get ticked off after not winning the World Heavyweight Title and hurt Rey Rey out of anger.

But when SmackDown rolled around, he seemed to be a totally different character. He now looks like a heel, and that was the dumbest move the WWE could make at this point.

He was brought to help the face side of things, not the heel side.

Think of this, there are many main-event caliber heels there already.

You have CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Chris Jericho, and you could consider Big Show a heel there, too. Then you add Batista to that, and the main event face scene is scarce.

You only have John Morrison, Rey Mysterio, Undertaker, and maybe Matt Hardy. Other than that, and you have no one to be a big-name face there. Taker and Mysterio are the two big names, and even though Hardy and Morrison have a nice fan base and are well known, they are not huge main event names just yet.

And there are others who are good, too, but just can’t be considered main-eventers week in and week out yet.

After Hardy faced off with Batista last night, it looked as if the WWE was pushing Hardy a bit more. I mean, usually Hardy would face off with mid-card guys, so it's nice to see him take on Batista.

He didn’t have a storyline with him, though—at least not a big one—so they don’t believe in Hardy much for the main event scene. I mean it was just a small one that helped transition over into this week so they could have a match with each other.

It was nothing big that would throw Hardy into the title hunt, especially after he only won by DQ.

The fact is that because Jeff Hardy left and Edge is still on the mend, the WWE does not have a guy who could be a big name face. They brought Batista there to be that face for them, but now it's gonna be tougher on the creatives to give us realistic storylines weekly.

I am not going to lie, I love the Animal like Batista. This is the kind of character that made him in the beginning. But right now is the wrong time to do it. Sure, with the new DVD out and the whole “I walk alone” thing coming into play, it's a “nice” idea to put him into this character.

But, right now, you have to think of what you are going to do creatively rather than selling a DVD, which probably won’t sell any better than any other DVD the WWE has sold.

This is Batista’s last run in the WWE, and I get that. However, you can still make him a World Champion without having him flip out into an animalistic rage.

If Jeff Hardy or Edge were currently wrestling on SmackDown , I’d have no issue with the Batista heel turn. But the fact is that Jeff could be gone forever, and Edge is not scheduled to return until late January or February, or longer.

You also have the prospect of seeing Undertaker take some time off after Survivor Series or the new TLC PPV, because he is still hurting in his knees. So then you are down another face, and you’d only have two or three realistic title contenders on the face side.

The move to make Batista turn heel was a dumb and premature one made by the WWE. It will hurt far more than it will help the show. If they are smart, they will turn him back into a face character as soon as they can, because it is sorely needed.


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