Picking The NFL Games Against The Spread: Week 9

Tyler StimsonCorrespondent INovember 7, 2009

BALTIMORE - NOVEMBER 1:  Kyle Orton #8 of the Denver Broncos audibles during the game against the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium on November 1, 2009 in Baltimore, Maryland. The Ravens defeated the Broncos 30-7. (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)
Larry French/Getty Images

I'm picking every NFL game against the spread. Feel free to do the same, I will keep track!

Falcons (-10) over Redskins

I think its safe to say that the Redskins are officially a bad team. The large spread gives me pause, but I think Atlanta is good enough to cover here.

Bears (-3) over Cardinals

The Bears have been all over the place this season, but they are undefeated at home, and I like their chances to win close, but by more than a field goal. The Cardinals are capable of anything, but I'll take the home team to cover.

Ravens (-3) over Bengals

The Ravens are good enough to cover here. They destroyed Denver last week. Cincinatti is very good, but I think the Ravens are better.

Texans (+9) over Colts

The Colts could cover here, but I like the way the Texans are playing. Nine points seems way too high.

Chiefs (+6.5) over Jags

The only significance this has is maybe being a potential tie-breaker for a top 5-10 pick in the upcoming draft.

Buccaneers (+9.5) over Packers

The Packers have done a great job of beating up bad teams, and the Buccanneers are the only team not to win a game yet. But I think at home, Buccaneers will find a way to at least cover the spread. The Packers offensive line is awful.

Dolphins (+10) over PATS

This line seems way to big. The Dolphins play good teams close. Talk to the Saints and Colts the two remaining undefeateds in the league.

NINERS (-4) over Titans

I can't believe this line! How are the Titans not a touchdown underdog at least. They are starting Vince Young against a good defense on the road. Enough said.

Saints (+13) over Carolina

Even if this game is close for awhile, the Saints will find a way to cover. An oppurtunistic defense plus a turnover prone Jake Delhomme plus the Sainst vaunted offense should equal an easy blowout victory.

Seahawks (-10) over Lions

The Lions are not a good football team. Neither is Seattle, but I like Seattle's chances for an easy win over Detroit, playing at home.

Chargers (+4.5) over Giants

The Giants are reeling, having lost three in a row, I like the Chargers chances here. Phillip Rivers against that secondary, I think the Chargers will win and cover the spread.

Eagles (-3) over Cowboys

DeSean Jackson is one of the most electrifying players in the NFL, and I like the Eagles chances to beat down a pretty good Cowboys team.

BRONCOS (+3) over Steelers

I like the Broncos chances to pull off the home "upset" on Monday Night. If the Bears can beat the Steelers at home, so can the Broncos.