New York Giants: Week Nine—Do or Die

Tonight's Healthy ScratchesCorrespondent INovember 7, 2009

CLEVELAND - OCTOBER 13:  Eli Manning #10 of the New York Giants leaves the field after losing 35-14 to the Cleveland Browns on October 13, 2008 at Cleveland Browns Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio.  (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Just a few short weeks ago, the New York football Giants seemed to be in cruise control towards another NFC East championship.

Dallas was in the midst of another failed season, already having lost to the Giants and barely eeking by the winless Kansas City Chiefs in overtime—if not for a record-setting performance by WR Miles Austin.

The Eagles, although playing well, seemed to be playing for one of the Wild Card spots—as the Giants seemed to be destroying anything and everything in their path.

And the Redskins? Well...let's just pretend they don't exist.

And then there was Week Six.

Awaiting the Giants was Drew Brees and the offensive juggernaut that is the New Orleans  Saints.

This matchup had a lot of interest not only because both the Giants and Saints were two undefeated teams, but many believed this could be a possible NFC championship matchup.

Too bad the Giants didn't attend.

The Superdome shook as the Saints annihilated the Giants' league-leading defense 48-27. 

Losing to the Saints wasn't a shocker. After all, they are the Saints. But who would have known that shellacking would have crushed the Giants' psyche so bad that they would lose the next two weeks as well to the Cardinals and Eagles respectively.

Now with Week Nine upon us, the Giants find themselves in a must win situation.

I hate using that phrase already, but they must win.

With a newly-relaxed Tony Romo leading the Cowboys through the air and DeMarcus Ware back to his dominant ways—five sacks in his last three games—the Cowboys appear to have shaken the early-season jitters. That does not bode well for the Giants who only defeated America's team 33-31 the first time around.

Not to mention the Eagles who seem to be in a thick groove.

If the Giants fail to defeat San Diego (4-3) on Sunday, they will have some serious work cut out for them after their Week Ten bye.

The Giants—as of Week Nine—will only have two sub-.500 opponents down the stretch, Carolina and Washington. Even Carolina isn't a definite win as DeAngelo Williams has rekindled his running game as of late, and they still have that other Steve Smith...

Then they have to look forward to the Falcons, Broncos, Cowboys, Eagles, and Vikings—who have that Brett Favre guy.

So if the Giants fail to beat the Chargers this week, regardless of who wins the Cowboys-Eagles matchup, they will find themselves still in third place of the NFC East.

This week is do-or-die, for Big Blue.