The Solution To The Toronto Blue Jays Problems Is Simple, New Owners

Chase RuttigCorrespondent INovember 6, 2009

BOSTON - SEPTEMBER 29:  Adam Lind #26 of the Toronto Blue Jays is looked after by a member of the medical staff after he was hit by a pitch in the ninth inning against the Boston Red Sox on September 29, 2009 at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. The Blue Jays defeated the Red Sox 8-7.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Elsa/Getty Images

Well it has been another ho hum season for Canada’s team, the Toronto Blue Jays. This marks the 15th straight year the Blue Jays have missed the playoffs. The last time they made the postseason was 1993, when yours truly was sitting in diapers and sucking his thumb.

The Blue Jays have had good players come through the franchise in this time and have had some solid ballclubs in that time, but they have just not been able to get over the hump and make that step into October baseball.

There are a laundry list of problems in Toronto, but there seems to be one solution that will solve the majority of them.

Rogers Communications needs to sell the team.

The Rogers ownership era has been disappointing to say the least and has been filled with bad decisions, whether it was the obvious conflicts in interest by giving their company an absolute monopoly on everything Toronto Blue Jays, to their horrible front office decisions and the ridiculous J.P. Ricciardi era.

First off Rogers basically bought the Blue Jays to put them on their sports network Rogers Sportsnet and they have basically ruined watching Blue Jays baseball. Their presentation is subpar and Jamie Campbell may be one of the worst announcers in baseball.

They also renamed the SkyDome to Rogers Centre, likely at no cost at all. I am not saying that ownership groups shouldn't be able to take advantage of their team, but Rogers Communications has absolutely no desire to make the Blue Jays a winning team, and fans have been showing up steadily every year.

But the problem is that this year the Jays set a record for lowest attendance at the SkyDome and it is obviously apparent that Toronto sports fans are drawing the line in the sand and are refusing to pay to go see a losing team.

Also the front office situation could not get any worse. They have hired two moneyball guys as GM when it is obvious that moneyball is dead and does not work. The fact that Oakland has been struggling since they let their three highly paid pitchers go is no coincidence.

They have overpaid the wrong guys and have let go of the right ones, they brought in random middle of the road veterans who were going to be the “key’ addition every year. None of those lasted.

They had to let Alex Rios go for nothing, Vernon Wells is overpaid and on his way out. And arguably the best Blue Jays of all time, Roy Halladay is likely forcing his way out of town, and considering The Doc’s loyalty the Jays must be really bad.

The Jays do have good young arms, but they are often injured. If they can stay healthy they can maybe build on that hot start they had last year, but you can’t coach durability.

And they haven’t hired a good manager in forever. Besides bringing Cito Gaston back, they haven’t made a smart decision yet, and they have even found a way to screw that up.

The Jays organization is one of the worst in baseball and the ownerships hirings are a big part of the problem

This situation could get ugly quick and most Jays fans are not very optimistic about the future. I think that it is time for Rogers and the Jays to go their separate ways for the best interest of the team and for Canada as we don’t want to have another Expos situation.

So please for the good of the loyal and long suffering Blue Jays fans, sell the team and end the monopoly and mediocrity that your ownership regime has created.