Fantasy Depth Chart's Week Nine Sits and Starts (Part Two)

FantasyDCCorrespondent INovember 6, 2009

As stated in Part One , last week was not a productive week for me. There was very, very low scoring last week in my dynasty and family leagues as few team’s “big guns” were predictable and reliable last weekend. That's the goodness of fantasy football!

Here are my sits on a week where the NFL placed its JV teams on the bench.


Correll Buckhalter vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

No offense to the Ravens' defense—they are still an ace squad—but the Steelers are both better and more physical at this point.

In similar fashion, the Steelers are faster on the defensive side of the ball and tend to have their way with prototypical third down RBs. Buckhalter is no different.

I still recommend playing Moreno since the Broncos will eventually score points and Moreno’s goal line RB status will make him a viable flex option.

Matt Forte vs. Arizona Cardinals

Yes, the Panthers made the Cardinals look pathetic against the run last week. But let's keep in mind that the Panthers were the best rushing team last year (and one of the best this decade) as well as the fifth best rushing team this year.

The Bears? Twenty-sixth. Trade Forte while you still have time. It's going to be back to disappointment this weekend.

Cedric Benson vs. Baltimore Ravens

No way their last meeting happens again. Ray Lewis will hire people….never mind, I’m not going there.

Let's just say this proud Ravens team will likely have a bounty…never mind, I’m not going there either. It's just not going to happen, OK?


Kyle Orton vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Expect more of the same from Orton as he faces another AFC North defense.

I expected Orton to pick apart the Ravens. He didn’t. This secondary is a better overall unit (hard not to be when compared to the Ravens) and the pass rush will be more vicious.

Again, I still do recommend playing Brandon Marshall. The Steelers' Ike Taylor will be Marshall's matchup all night, but the lack of hard hitting Ryan Clark should help Marshall have occasional success deep.

Tony Romo @ Philadelphia Eagles

Three weeks of no interceptions. Three weeks of amazing play. Three matchups that were very profitable for QBs (31st, 28th, and 18th pass defenses).

This week on tap for the Cowboys? The 10th ranked pass defense, tied for second in sacks and third in interceptions.

They give up TDs, but I expect Romo to have more INTs than TDs. If you’re in a league where sacks count against your QB, be very cautious with Romo this weekend.

Matt Ryan vs. Washington Redskins

This is my risky call of the week. The Redskins are statistically a good pass defense, but what really worries me is that I’ve seen “Matty Ice” looked rattled.

Sure, maybe his face doesn’t show it, but his footwork does. He plays well even when he is playing badly. But he and Roddy White got away with serious pass interference on his only TD last week. Nineteen-for-42 won’t cut it this week.


Vincent Jackson @ New York Giants

I was a doubter of Jackson when the season started. I have since been impressed by his level of play week in and week out.

But this week, the single-minded Giants are going to focus on two things: (1) Get pressure on Rivers and (2) don’t give up the big play.

A chance red zone TD my make him startable, but I wouldn’t take my chances.

Derrick Mason @ Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals blanked Mason and gave up some big plays to Ray Rice, but still stuck it out for a win. The Bengals are becoming a good defense and will likely roll the dice again and make Rice and Clayton beat them.

Steve Smith vs. San Diego Chargers

I like Steve Smith a lot. I had a chance to get him in my dynasty league, but passed up the offer over cap/roster complications. I regret not taking the cap risks.

But this is a week of disappointment for Smith owners. I understand if you can’t find the nerve to place him on your bench, but he won’t be starting for my teams (for better or worse).


Brent Celek @ Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles' O-line is full of strong, big guys. But quickness?

They’re going to get tested this weekend facing the best NFC 3-4 (I feel like I say that every week). I think the Eagles can be productive this week, but it will be at the cost of Celek staying in to block.

Jeremy Shockey vs. Carolina Panthers

I believe the Panthers can win this week. Getting pressure on Brees is the basis of stopping the Saints.

The Saints' rushing game is good, but it's not explosive. I expect the Saints to keep Shockey in to block more and more as the game goes on.


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