Fantasy Depth Chart's Week Nine Sits & Starts (Part 1)

FantasyDCCorrespondent INovember 5, 2009

Week 1 : 11-5 (68.75 percent), Week 2 : 15-8 (65.2 percent), Week 3 : 12-9 (57.1 percent), Week 4 : 11-6 (64.7 percent), Week 5 : 16-10 (61.5 percent), Week 6 : 13-6 (68.4 percent), Week 7 : 13-9 (59.1 percent), Week 8 : 11-10 (52.3 percent)

Last week was so poor for me that I’ve decided to split my article into two parts to better focus on the good and bad matchups.

So let's look at the starts I recommend this week before everyone gets a chance to yell at me over who I suggest you sit. I figure I’ve earned at least another day of peace.



Jamal Charles @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Yes, I am jumping on this bandwagon but only for this week. Charles has excellent speed and PPR potential. His first full week as THE RB in KC will allow him to put his pass catching and inside running on display.

I don’t like Charles as a remainder of the season prospect. So pick him up, watch him post RB2 type numbers and then ship him out.


Kevin Smith @ Seattle Seahawks

Kevin Smith missed out on a large portion of last week's game. But before that he had an excellent first half in PPR leagues (scored 17 pts for me after netting a safety). This week should be even better against a porous Seattle run defense.

Hopefully, the reintroduction of Calvin Johnson will provide Kevin Smith with more holes, goal line attempts and underneath throws. He was off to a great start and looks to get back on track.


Clinton Portis @ Atlanta Falcons

Portis has been inefficient at best but Atlanta is not built to handle straight ahead running. I expect Portis to break the 100-yard barrier and net a TD. He may be the surprise RB1 scorer for the week.



Aaron Rodgers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This one is obvious. But I’ll take this prediction a step further, Rodgers will be a top three QB this week. Bench him for NO ONE (except maybe Peyton Manning).


Matt Hasselbeck vs. Detroit Lions

Marc Bulger was one TD (and one less INT) away from a decent game. Hasselbeck is better and has a better supporting cast. I look for both him, Housh and John Carlson to have good games this weekend.


Alex Smith vs. Tennessee Titans

Smith had an average game against a very underrated Colts pass defense last week. I don’t expect for the 49ers to make the same mistake the Jaguars made last week.

The 49ers will soften the Titans with the run and take advantage of the couple mismatches they can create. I don’t expect a blowout week from Smith, but he is a viable options.



Mike Wallace @ Denver Broncos

I hate to drink from the same well, but the Broncos' secondary was tested by the Chargers three WR sets a few weeks ago.

Maybe its just the homer in me but the Steelers three WRs are deep enough (not as talented at the top granted) to cause serious issues against the Broncos base 3-4 defense.

I am certain the Broncos will be able to shut down Ward or Holmes (must plays but one of them will flop) but they will not be able to handle Wallace or Heath Miller.


Kevin Walter @ Indianapolis Colts

Yes. I’m buying into Walter needing to pick up the slack Owen Daniels' injury causes. But its not because I think Walter is capable.

It's because Matt Schaub is playing at an amazing level and will make Walter productive. Points will need to be scored this weekend against the Colts. Walter is going to be an integral part of some of them.


Michael Crabtree vs. Tennessee Titans

While Alex Smith is a start only if your missing Brett Favre (the only good QB on his bye week), Michael Crabtree is borderline must-start this week.

He is approaching solid WR3 numbers without even getting into the endzone. I expect his first NFL TD this week in what should be his real “coming out” game.



Heath Miller @ Denver Broncos

The Broncos have a great pass rush. But they do not have good coverage LBs. Antonio Gates had a great game against them and I expect Miller to be up to his usual ways.

I anticipate at least one red-zone TD from Miller with the potential for two if Big Ben is efficient.


John Carlson vs. Detroit Lions

Carlson has suffered in matchups where he was called on for extra blocking. This week, Seattle won’t be needing his services in that regard. Carlson will explode this weekend. If he is on your bench, get him in your starting lineup.


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