What I Really Mean: Why Does ESPN Undermine the Oakland Raiders?

Bleacher ReportSenior Analyst INovember 5, 2009

We in Raider Nation have long asserted that ESPN "had it out" for Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders.  In the past year, that idea has gone from mere complaints of perception to blatantly clear to objective observers of ESPN coverage of the Raiders.

Though I cannot prove who has done what and why, I do wonder aloud, "Why does ESPN undermine the Raiders and Al Davis?"

Davis has long represented what I had long thought were the sympathies of the, "East Coast Media."  As we have learned in recent weeks, many NFL owners are to the right of Rush Limbaugh even though they were too afraid to include Limbaugh. 

Michael Wilbon of Pardon the Interruption even said that some owners are believed to think that Limbaugh is, "too liberal."

Thus it seems odd that the, "East Coast Media," would treat Davis and the Raiders like something they dug out of their ear.

If anything, Davis has represented their supposed sympathies by being the first NFL owner to promote women and minorities to high positions within the Raiders organization.

Strangely, Bill Plaschke of Around The Horn  and the "West Coast Bias," once called the Raiders, "a great place to work," because of Davis' policies on hiring.  Now, Plaschke has had an inexplicable grudge against the Raiders, calling for players to seek their own medical attention, and for the suspension of Coach Tom Cable for accusations that the Napa County DA declined to investigate.

Just admit it, ESPN.  For whatever reason, Davis gets under your skin.  I don't know why, but more importantly, do you know why?

Maybe then, rethink the stories about the Raiders and Davis the next time around.  But I suspect that they have marching orders from superiors that are to the right of Limbaugh whom are probably terrified of an NFL team succeeding with a woman as CEO.

Yeah, I generally dislike the major news networks, primarily because viewers will take whatever they hear at face value rather than do their own research.

I have called for the US Congress to revoke ESPN's license to broadcast, but the main intent of that was to send a message that I see right through these smear campaigns by ESPN.

I even called employees of ESPN as useless and said they contribute nothing to society.  I did so, because ESPN has done the same thing to hard-working viewers in general.  ESPN has treated fans as scum especially those outside the East Coast Bias, so I in effect called them hypocrites.

I also did so because I'd like to see employees of ESPN change the direction of ESPN from the inside.  ESPN has lost its way, and there could be a number of reasons.

I suspect that the greatest reason is an influx of bad journalists that don't truly appreciate sports, they instead fixate on stats and the fact that they "get to" be mediocre and that some fans would also like to be mediocre.

There are good journalists at ESPN, but I suspect that the bad journalists have taken over in recent years.  I'd like to see the good journalists change that.

I'll give you a hint about one of those bad journalists: the name is similar to reality.  This person serves as the reality of what ESPN has become.