An Open Letter To Jerry Reese: Fixing The Giants Problems Volume 2

Jim WoodContributor INovember 4, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - NOVEMBER 01: Eli Manning #10 of the New York Giants and his teammates look on after losing against the Philadelphia Eagles in the second half on November 1, 2009 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Eagles defeated the Giants 40-17.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
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Dear Jerry Reese,

How could you let this happen? After years of making good decisions for the Giants, this year and this past off season, you let old problems linger from last year and then this year, seemed hesitant to even attempt to try to fix some of the new problems, that came up this year.  Here's my short list of the things that went wrong and you didn't fix or caused leading up to and so far this year:

Wide Receivers:

After last year it was evident that the giants needed a big-time wide receiver, because your boy Plaxico decided to shoot himself because he NEEDED a gun in a nightclub. I'm still not sure why he needed to bring a gun to a nightclub or how he even possibly shot himself.  However beyond Plaxico, this off-season you didn't fix the problem that the Giants still need a number one, double coverage drawing wide receiver. You instead, went with a move that will pay off in 4 or 5 years. You then also then decided to seemingly trick us when he pretended to be interested in a big time wide receiver, but really you weren't as it seems like that you thought that somehow we are going to get more value out of Hakeem Nicks then they we would out of a proven wide receiver like Braylon Edwards.

 Still beyond that, our wide receivers have been fine this year as they still have been able to catch balls, only they are not drawing a man of the line which would help the run and Eli Manning but for some reason you also found that to be not one of the giants important needs that that.  

Useless Defensive Acquisitions:

However, you didn't really fix any of those you didn't fill any of the gaps in the secondary all you did was waste money on more defensive lineman that the we really didn't need, because we already had three Pro Bowl caliber players.  Beyond, this you also failed to sign or draft players to fill in the missing players in the secondary, and know were stuck playing C.C. Brown who is probably the worst safety in the NFL, God Dammit, one of your backup cornerbacks is better than he is so why the hell is he playing.  However, somehow then came the season and everything looked good to you and the fans, we trusted you.

Likewise, you then continued to think we were cruising along strong as we continued to beet no-name teams week after week, and then came the Saints Game, which it still amazes me that after you didn't think to yourself "Our Secondary Sucks." Yet it didn't as if it did you tried to make a change in the secondary or trade for players. However,you let the trade deadline pass as if we had the greatest team in football history. You didn't even ponder a move, you never thought, "Nnamdi Asmougha would really help our secondary, and maybe if we are willing to give up a third round draft pick we can have him and his over sized yet worth it contract." This lack of trying or even attempting to make a trade is what has left the us (Giants) in a whole with our secondary.


This year sadly we lost Steve Spagnuolo to the Rams however i know this wasn't your fault, but it is your fault that you appointed Bill Sheridan to be defensive coordinator. This guy is a moron, he might indeed have nothing going on upstairs, and i think that honestly the only thing he does is reads random plays of the his sheet of plays before each play.  Then there's Kevin Gilbride, this guy just sucks, I'm not sure what has inspired you to keep him around for so long but you have as far as I'm concerned this guy should have been fired in 2006 as he has didn't help the offense then and hasn't helped the offense at all for the last 6 years.


Now, beyond this there have been two real mismanagement mistakes that you have made this year, the first being not giving Eli Manning the week of after he was injured and continuing to play him into the Saints game instead of benching him and allowing him to get his rest so that he could come out with a good start against Arizona and most importantly so that he would be rested up for the Eagles game but again you just let him go on being Eli an insisting he isn't injured and play even though everyone including him knows it.

 Secondly, you have not yet fired Bill Sheridan as defensive coordinator even though he is not at all remotely qualified to be a defensive coordinator in the NFL let alone even a junior college. You also continue to pass up good possible defensive coordinators like John Mitchell Defensive Line and Assistant Head Coach of the Steelers (Hello? the most qualified candidate), Herman Edwards (Hello? Past NFL head coach and defensive coordinator), or Romeo Crennel (Hello? Also a past NFL head coach and defensive coordinator) but instead you foolishly chose to promote from within a guy with absolutely no credentials, which has led the giants to be unprepared for just about every game they have played as he has either not designed any game plan at all or just is absolutely awful at doing it.  

So what have you been thinking Jerry? Is this just supposed to be another year or do you really think the giants have a legitamate chance at winning a title with these players and those coaches?

Sincerly, James Kaltman

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