Latest On Jeff Hardy's Court Case: Was He Innocent?

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIINovember 4, 2009

As we probably all heard by now, Jeff Hardy's court case was set for today, November 4, 2009. He was arrested on drug trafficking charges and possession.  I would think it is more so possession than anything else, but you all know my opinion there.

In any case, there was nothing special that happened today.  He was not charged for anything or found innocent. He will return to court December 2nd for a probable cause hearing.

Hardy did not appear in court today, and was instead represented by his lawyer Jim Van Camp. During a recess, Van Camp claimed that Hardy planned to be in court, but they did not receive a report from the drug lab, which is apparently can be a reason for not showing, who knew?

The probable cause hearing would be where they see if they have enough evidence to convict Hardy, if not then he will not go to jail.  But, if they do have probable cause, Hardy's case will move to the grand jury.

If he is indicted there, this case will move to the superior court where he would be tried on the charges and be at the mercy of the court, or he would do some sort of plea bargain.  Most would take the plea bargain.

This is only if it gets past December 2nd.  See, that is the big one.  If he does get convicted of the crimes, then for drug trafficking he is looking at a minimum of 3 years in prison.

Even as a first time offender, people who are found guilty of drug trafficking have to serve no less than 3 years in prison.  It is unlikely Hardy's would be over that for the amount he had and how much they cost.

The total amount of money for the drugs was a little over $2,000, so he won't get a massive 19 years in prison like what is rumored.  He'd have to have either been charged with drug trafficking before(which he hasn't) or have a larger quantity of drugs.

From what I have heard, the amount he had at the time was not too far over the North Carolina limit in weight.  So, it is highly unlikely he would serve anything more than 3 years.  That is only if they do not find anything else.  If they do then he would obviously see more jail time.

As I reported earlier, there is a lot of rumors that say Hardy is innocent here. Of course, the rumors are just that, and should not be taken as confirmation just yet.

But, as I have said in the past, there is some truth to every rumor.  So, do not dismiss everything in them.

Most feel that he will see some sort of probation, which I also see. The drugs of his are said to have a prescription, but the cocaine will be what gets him.  Because he has never been convicted of a drug crime before, the small amount of cocaine he had will not be enough for him to see jail time.

The most he would see is probation and/or a fine of some sort.  Maybe community service if need be.

It seems everyone I talk to wants to know if he will return to the WWE or go to TNA.  There is no clear cut answer, as everything will hinge on what plays in court.  But the WWE is said to be releasing the Jeff Hardy DVD in mid-December no matter what the outcome.

So, Vince McMahon will make money off of him no matter what. Now, if he is found not guilty there was a rumored reality show in the works.  Also, there is another rumor stating that he may be back around Wrestlemania 26. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Check back here and for more on Hardy in the coming days.