Breaking Rumor: Jeff Hardy Could Be Found Innocent of Drug Trafficking Charges

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIOctober 29, 2009

First off, I want everyone to know before you read this that a lot of this is only a rumor as of now. So while it could be proven as fact later on, nothing is confirmed as of yet.

People should keep in mind that there is some truth in every rumor. While not everything rumored will come to pass every time, something rumored can be the truth, and that should not be overlooked.

Now to Jeff Hardy.

As most of us know by now, Jeff Hardy was arrested early September on drug charges. But the big charge that people focused on was drug trafficking.

The reason it is considered trafficking is not that he was selling the drugs, but because of the weight of the drugs he had.

Different states have different rules on how much weight the drugs can be before a trafficking charge will be filed. If all of the drugs that were found had a prescription, then no charges would be filed as it is legal to have any drug with a legit prescription.

Now, the way they caught Hardy was off a supposed "tip" from an anonymous party. The cops laid out a package for Jeff, he took it inside, and they invaded the home shortly thereafter. It was sort of a sting operation.

The package had most of the drugs Hardy was said to have had. The police set him up by packing on charges that were not needed, such as added what was in the box to what he had in his home already. They arrested Hardy and once bail was set, he was bailed out and went home.

The trafficking charge was added because of the weight, so because the police added what Hardy had already to what the package had, the trafficking charge came about.

Because they added their drugs to Hardy's, the trafficking charge should be dropped when Hardy goes to trial. The police padded charges, which is not right, but they did it as a way to check his home.

They apparently couldn't invade his home while he was out to check what he had, so they set him up to get in. The reason is simply because they wanted to get him, not so much the drugs.

The tip given out said that Hardy could be selling, using, etc. And because of that, the police had to question him and therefore took him in. So while they could have searched his home, it wouldn't have done any good in the end, because just as they searched it this time around, nothing was wrong.

They had to arrest him to go through with everything. And they couldn't even get their story straight on who bailed out Hardy, which is sad. First it was Matt, then it was Shannon Moore, then Beth.

In my opinion he was jailed over no reason. He should have just been brought in for questioning, not have to go through all this to get him in and then add charges just to get him in court later on for more questioning with a large quantity of people. He did have the drugs in his possession, but they were not his drugs.

Possession is 9/10ths of the law, but if you add 8/10ths of the drugs to what Hardy already had, how is that fair?

He was said to not even have an idea of what was in the package until he opened to find drugs that he did not order. And while it's obvious you have to open a package to know what is inside, usually if you are expecting something you know what is in the package and you know the address it is mailed from.

Hardy was said to have barely got the package open before police raided his home.

The one charge Hardy will have against him will be the cocaine. It was a small trace, which meant that he probably wouldn't get jail time for it. He has never had drug charges filed against him, which is surprising, I know.

He was suspended a few times from the WWE, but he never saw jail time or fines from police. So, this would be his first drug charge. And because it is so small, it could have been old cocaine that he used a while back, yet was never seen until the police checked every part of his home with drug dogs, drug identification machines, and what not.

But no one has a clear-cut answer on how old the cocaine was. I still see some sort of charge, but no jail time.

If this rumor—that the police padded charges just to get into Hardy's home and question him over a supposed tip—is true, Hardy will get off. The worst he could see is some sort of probation.

Again, I want to stress that this information I revealed here has not been confirmed. As of right now, it is considered a rumor floating around. However, there are a ton of Jeff Hardy fans out there, and I want to keep them updated as much as possible.

Hardy's trial is set for Nov. 4, so we should be finding out more from Hardy and others by this time next week. Stayed tuned to for updates.


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