Could Jon Gruden Return to The Raiders?

jeremy barilCorrespondent INovember 4, 2009

PALM HARBOR, FL - MARCH 06:  Head coach Jon Gruden of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers caddies for John Daly during the first round of the PODS Championship at Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club on March 6, 2008 in Tarpon Springs, Florida.  (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Could Jon Gruden return to the Raiders? He's a staunch defender of Al Davis which is an automatic plus for Al Davis when it comes to loyalty. 

Really he's the only logical candidate to replace Tom Cable if/when he's fired provided Al doesn't hire a GM (which isn't going to happen). 

I do like Tom Cable but I also understand Al's view towards spousal abuse and his coaches. It's OK if RT Cornell Green beats his wife with a mop handle, but if his coach is doing it then it's completely a bad light on the franchise. 

If he stays through this and the team improves then I'm fine with him staying. But if Al Davis is planning on letting him go, Gruden would be the only coach who would have the most import authority for this organization, "locker room authority." 

His intensity would be a boon for this offense. I really think Russell would feed off of Gruden's fire. The personnel is in place for a seamless transition if Gruden were to be hired. Ted Tollner, Paul Hackett, and Jim Michalczik are already in place for OC, QB's coach, and O-line respectively. John Marshall and staff would remain on defense.

As FB Gary Russell recently said, "this team has more talent than Pittsburgh, but talent doesn't win football games." Could Gruden be the coach who takes all of this "talent and potential" and turn it into another playoff run? 

I think leadership from the top is the biggest thing lacking in this organization. It appears Tom Cable isn't the man for the job and Jamarcus Russell is among a group of players who just do not seem to want to give their hearts out for Cable like players in Oakland did for Gruden the first time around. 

Usually there is no information to really come up to a conclusion like this, but I've never seen a former head coach really defend Al like Gruden has. His comments over the past 10 months almost make it seem like he's fishing for the position. 

Does Al bite and bring back Gruden? Or does he fire Tom Cable and bring in another Jim Fassell/Norv Turner/etc type coach? 

If Al isn't willing to bring in a GM to oversee the whole football operations then the only coach able to handle Al and bring success to Oakland again would be Jon Gruden.