Fantasy DC's Week Nine Waiver Wire Rush

FantasyDCCorrespondent INovember 3, 2009

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After a big week or major injuries a lot of players are mentioned as waiver wire pick-ups.  The goal here is to narrow down what players you should be interested in and why.  As always all players mentioned will be below 70 percent in 10 team formats and will likely be available in most leagues.

Go For It:

Mark Sanchez, NYJ, QB (38 percent owned in 10 team format): Although Sanchez has his bye coming up this week there may not be a better time to snag him up than now.  Aside from his terrible five interception performance two weeks ago and his bad showing against the better-than-we-thought Saints defense, Sanchez has QB1 numbers in every other game. 

Now that’s not to say it’s easy sailing the rest of the season, but know you have a 75 percent chance of Sanchez putting up better than 15 PPG and a pretty good schedule for him the rest of the season.  Target: All leagues.

Jonathan Stewart, CAR, RB (68 percent): He will not put up 20 every week for you, and the Panthers will not always play the Cards.  But we do know Jake Delhomme is playing what could be his last season in Carolina and the Panthers don’t have a choice but to run 35-40 times a game. 

Stewart is a borderline RB2/Flex with RB1 potential, and he’s available in 32 percent of leagues.  Going into the season Stewart was going in the 4th-5th rounds, and now 1/3 of people can pick him up for your back-up TE.  That’s a move I’m willing to make.  Target: All leagues.

Jeremy Maclin, PHI, WR (47 percent): Although DeSean Jackson is racking up the long TDs, Jeremy Maclin is quietly becoming one of McNabb’s favorite targets.  He caught all balls thrown to him on Sunday and is earning his starting spot he was given by Kevin Curtis’ injury.

The Eagles don’t have a true go to guy, so Maclin won’t be consistent.  The hope is that you have enough top end WR depth that you won’t need him to be.  Expect big weeks to match the small. Target: 10-12 team leagues.

Zach Miller, OAK, TE (60 percent) – We can agree that JaMarcus Russell is the worst starting QB in the NFL, right?  Well, at least until we see what Josh Freeman can do in Tampa Bay.  But with that said Russell has build trust with Zach Miller and it seems he looks to him more than his WRs.

Miller will be as up and down as Russell, but even is his worst games he should have 5-7 catches.  Not bad if you’re looking for an injury replacement for Colley or Daniels.  Target: All leagues.

All Things Depending:

Vince Young, TEN, QB (9 percent): Vince Young did everything in his first game back that he did in every other game he’s played, almost.  We have to credit him with being more accurate and not turning the ball over, but he only threw 18 times and he pulled the ball down and ran 12. 

Although he is dangerous on his feet, that’s not typically what you’re looking for in your QB.  Expect Vince to struggle the rest of the year against much better defenses. Target: 12-14 team leagues.

Justin Fargas, OAK, RB
(15 percent): Justin Fargas has done a good job with the time he’s been given in Darren McFadden’s absence.  But he hasn’t blown anyone away, and as soon as McFadden comes back (possibly after this weeks bye) the timeshare starts again. 

If you’re looking for a bye week starter, look somewhere else.  But teams lacking RBs and in desperate need may be able to find a spot for him.  Just don’t give up on a player in a better situation. Target: 12-14 team leagues.

Ted Ginn Jr., MIA, WR (34 percent): Ted Ginn Jr. is not an NFL WR.  He’s a speedster who can’t catch the ball and can’t go over the middle.  What he can do is run, fast.  He won’t have twp TD days often, so if you were in a pinch and started him this week, kudos.  But to everyone else, feel free not to rush out and pick up Ginn unless you get a major KR bonus. Target: 12-14 team leagues, KR+.

Dustin Keller, NYJ, TE (48 percent): Keller hasn’t been awful this year, and with the increase of injuries at the TE position his status is more appealing.  But adding Braylon Edwards and Jericho Cotchery coming back from injury will hurt Dustin Keller more than anything.

He had a great game this week against a terrible Dolphins secondary, but he’s only had two games with more than five targets.  See if there are better options at TE before going for Keller, but don’t write him off either. Target: 12 team leagues.

Hold Off For Now:

Matt Stafford, DET, QB (14 percent): Until Calvin Johnson comes back Matt Stafford is a bottom five QB.  That’s not a slight on him as much as the talent around him.  His TE is banged up, as is his No. 1 WR and top RB.  It’s just not a good place for him, and this season will be a learning time for Stafford, so don’t make it a learning time for you. Target: 14+ team leagues, keeper+.

Tashard Choice, DAL, RB (38 percent): Tashard Choice had some great games while the Cowboys dealt with injuries.  But until that happens again don’t even THINK of adding him to your roster.   Carries is not worthy of any roster slot, and add the Cowboys airing it out, Choice should be on zero rosters (aside from the occasional 16 team MB3 handcuffs).  Target: N/A.

Patrick Crayton, DAL, WR (43 percent): Another TD, another terrible receiving game.  Crayton is doing solid on special teams, but isn’t worth a roster spot on most leagues as a WR.  Miles Austin has proven to be a WR1 and Roy Williams makes too much for the Boys to sit him.  Crayton is fourth or fifth banana in the Dallas pecking order, and should be much lower on yours. Target: 14+ team leagues.