Washington Redskins Need To Become The Washington Pigskins

andy mungerCorrespondent INovember 3, 2009

LANDOVER, MD - OCTOBER 26:  Special teams coach Danny Smith of the Washington Redskins argues with a referee during the game against the Philadelphia Eagles at FedEx Field October 26, 2009 in Landover, Maryland. The Eagles won the game 27-17.  (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)
Win McNamee/Getty Images
Washington should be ashamed of themselves. for many years season ticket holders have supported a team and franchise with the most racist nickname in the history of sport. The current ownership lives in the fifties where these derogatory names were often used by athletic departments and the average person on the street. Many schools saw no problem using offensive names to serve as mascots of their team. This was in an era before political correctness became popular in many of the nations universities. many have adopted name changes due to pressure from activist groups that were rightfully disgusted with nicknames as "Indians" and "Redman" representing their schools.


The name of the pro football team in Washington is a disgrace. The commissioner needs to take a stand and put more pressure on the organization in Washington to change the name of the franchise. I can't believe there has not been more political pressure on the team to change its name. It seems like nothing has been even talked about the disgusting nickname for the Washington football team for years. American Indians activists have been visibly silent since their super bowl protests when the Redskins played the Kansas City Chiefs. Both team names are offensive, but the redskin stands out particularly as racist. It is just plain wrong to still have this nickname in 2009. The owners in Washington could care less who their team hurts or what that term use to mean in American history.


If the arrogant owner Daniel Snydor of the Washington Redskins did what was right he would of changed the name of the team immediately. He can change the name of the team to the Washington Pigskins in honor of the fans and the game of football. Fans love to dress up as hogs in Washington and a football was at once time called pigskin. They then can retain some of the tradition of the name. Whatever they do the name "Redskin" needs to go along with their logo as many a college teams have done so.