OAKLAND RAIDERS...This Offense Is Just Offensive

kevin lurkerContributor INovember 2, 2009

 This Raiders have completed the 1st half of 2009 alot like they have for the past 5yrs.

 We know this team has problems, we know this team is young, we eagerly await a change. Yes.. they did look alright against San Diego yesterday but far from capable. This team must find a way to win games like that because it was right in front of them. San Diego was ripe yesterday but we were outcoached!!!  How was it that Vincent Jackson was left alone to walk into the endzone after moving his team almost single handedly downfield?  Take away another opening drive killing interception into " A SEA" of powder blue jersey's and the ending could have been in our favor. Those 2 plays alone are the little things that can turn a game either way.

 With that off my chest...the following is what glaring problem must change before this team can defend itself. Be competitive again.

 20-13-3-6-7-13-0-16....total points scored in each game, by the way, 13 scored in each of the 2 wins. Thats just under 9 pts. a game!

 208-109-61-128-100-224-97-109....passing yds in each game( 97 was only Gradkowski's stats..I believe J-russ had 36 so lets say 133)  About 130yds per game!

 The QB position has completed 28 passes to the WR's on this team, In 8 games!

Murphy who drops on occasion has 16 of those

DHB is tied w/ Watkins for 2nd with 5ea and JLH has 2ea

 Thank God we use TE's and RB's have caught 30 passes

 This Offense cannot be scaring anyone in the NFL when you know you need to key on the Raider running backs and Zack Miller....and with JLH 13 punt returns for 48yds and a 3.7yd average padded by 1 for 19yds?

 These stat's are wide open for correction and trust me.. Im not trying to trash my team... This needs to be corrected and reversed.

 HOW? That's what im asking you guys. If you were coaching this team..What would you change over the bye week? Or..would you keep hoping the youngsters will start producing. Are these growing pains?

Play GM with me and remember... you cant afford to just dump J-russ and he is untradable at this point.