Buffalo Bills Are a Disaster and Fans Are in a Pickle

Jeremy JuhaszContributor INovember 2, 2009

ORCHARD PARK, NY - SEPTEMBER 21:  Owner Ralph Wilson of the Buffalo Bills speaks during a ceremony adding Bruce Smith's name to the Ralph Wilson Stadium Wall of Fame at halftime of the game against the Oakland Raiders on September 21, 2008 at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park, New York. Buffalo won 24-23. (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)
Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Excuse me for not writing in quite sometime, but I feel it's time to say something.

The Buffalo Bills are one of two of the worst franchises in the NFL right now. The other being the Oakland Raiders, and we all know why. But the Bills are nipping at the heels of Al Davis' franchise.

This nonsense at One Bills Drive has to cease at some point right?

I'm not holding my breath, considering the last meaningful game in Bills recent history came when the Steelers backups rolled over the Bills in the home finale in 2004.

Who knows when or if this franchise will ever right the ship.

And what as Bills fans do we have left to do? Our owner is 91 years old and hasn't guaranteed the Bills will be here upon his death. The quarterbacks are completely inept. Our coach is an all-time sub .500 leader. The offense can't score. The defense leaves gaping holes for backup running backs to look like whatever hall-of-fame running back you want to insert here.

Yet Bills' fans fill the Ralph every Sunday, even if the team is 1-8 at home the past nine contests.

But, we have to though right? I mean our team is in serious jeopardy of leaving Orchard Park.

At the same time, who wants to watch this football team. For one, the players are second-tier. Second, and maybe more important, this team is so boring to watch.

One first down in the second half of last Sunday's game! Really?! And it was in garbage time on the final drive.

So what do we do? Protest the games? No, if nothing else the tailgating is still fun and not attending shows the franchise we don't care, making a move north to Toronto or wherever a seamless transition.

This is dicey, but enough is enough. How are there no changes from the organization the past eight weeks? Where's the urgency to better the product on the field?

I'm starting to question whether there's any competitiveness left inside the organization. It's ringing loud and clear the Bills are a business and not a football team seeking a championship, or at the least a winning season.  

Cleveland has been dismal too, but their owner today said he will talk to frustrated Browns fans. Randy Lerner even wants to bring a football mind to his club in an effort to correct the problems.

In Buffalo, fans are spoon fed cliches after every game from the players and its head coach. You know, the line where the team needed a couple bonces to go their way. And the excuse of how they're devastated by injury.

And its General Manager Russ Brandon has been a ghost. There's no accountability. Everyone is cashing comfortable checks.

I don't have a solution. I can't even posit a comprehensive suggestion for fans who have tickets to the rest of the games.

I guess if you go, good for you because I don't think I can stomach another Buffalo Bills three-hour horror show, and I'm watching from the comforts of my sofa.

I'll be passively watching this club flounder the rest of the season. And I'll be praying we stumble on some good fortune by the graces of the football gods soon, because I have zero confidence anymore with the men in charge running this franchise.

Consider this if you don't believe me.

The Bills have even made T.O. monotonous, and that's really hard to do.