Buzz In Oakland...Who Will Be The Leader For The Raiders?

Farris Gunning IIContributor INovember 2, 2009

SAN DIEGO - NOVEMBER 01:  JaMarcus Russell #2 of the Oakland Raiders scrambles out of the pocket as he is rushed by Larry Engllish #52 of the San Diego Chargers during the second quarter at Qualcomm Stadium on November 1, 2009 in San Diego California.  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Harry How/Getty Images

At what point in a season does a head coach say "enough is enough!"  J-Bust, ahem sorry, J-Russ is struggling and bringing the Oakland Raiders down with him!

There is a point in a mans life where he looks himself in the mirror and says "I want to be the best I can be!"J-Missalot ahem sorry J-Russ has not done that and doesn't look to any time soon.

No one can teach work ethic, it is something that is inside each of us that we must bring out ourselves. 

Now I'm not saying the Gradkowski is the miracle man but he plays with SOOOO much more heart is sick.

Let Grad work with the first team in practise and We would have a much better chance at winning.  No question.

Now we all can have our opinions but maybe it's time to give a chance to someone with heart!  He can't be expected to come in way behind without practicing with the first team and win, he needs to have the time and practise to make it happen.

Now we have more media issues with Cable and the debacle continues.

The Raiders are on BYE week this week so maybe they can come back for the 2nd half of the season with some changes.  I think J-Russ will still start are we will still suck, but maybe, just maybe we can change it up.  Anything would be better than what we are doing right now

We played the Chargers hard but lost again....when does the bleeding stop?