Joe Flacco Shows Denver What It's Missing As Ravens Roll Over Broncos

Aaron MeeCorrespondent INovember 1, 2009

BALTIMORE - OCTOBER 11:  Joe Flacco #5 of the Baltimore Ravens passes against the Cincinnati Bengals at M&T Bank Stadium on October 11, 2009 in Baltimore, Maryland. The Bengals defeated the Ravens 17-14. (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)
Larry French/Getty Images

Kyle Orton does not lose football games. He doesn't make many mistakes that could cost his team. He's a good system quarterback and a pretty solid leader on the field.

With that being said, he doesn't do much to will his team to victory either.

Throughout Orton's career, he has been able to manage games, and ride the wings of the great defenses that both the Bears and Broncos have provided for him. As a result, he has a sterling record of 27-13 as a starting NFL quarterback.

Bronco fans seem to believe that Orton will get a contract extension, and remain the starter in Denver for years to come. I however, think they're wearing their heart on their sleeve a bit too much.

They are way too quick too fall in love. Too quick to overlook the obvious shortcomings in Orton's game. I believe that the Denver Broncos' front office, however, will look hard at drafting a quarterback with the pick they acquired from Chicago in the Cutler trade. I hope they do.

Joe Flacco showed us the difference between being a game manager, and being a play maker in Week Eight against the Broncos. Joe Flacco is a play maker, through and through. He faced a dominant pass rush all day long, yet time after time he found a way to extend the play with his feet.

Some of the biggest plays of the game for the Ravens came on broken plays, where it was simply Flacco willing his team to score.

Flacco is a tremendous player, and a difference maker for the Ravens. He is a great reason for Denver to look for a quarterback that can play outside the box, and find a way to win games. With Denver, we see a team that lives off dinky little throws, and depends on their receivers to become running backs with the ball in their hands.

This kind of philosophy can work well, especially with the unparalleled talent level of the Denver offense around Orton, but it's not good enough to beat the top teams in the league consistently.

The Denver Broncos are a team that plays down to the talent level of their quarterback. They have very dynamic play makers at receiver that rarely get solid opportunities to make plays down the field.

Teams are going to keep blitzing Orton because they know he isn't going to make a play that's not there at first glance. They know Orton will take a sack instead of extending the play with his feet.

In a game that featured two of the NFL's best defensive teams, Joe Flacco was the difference in the game, something that Kyle Orton will never be.