The Raider Nation Is Burning For Change

kevin lurkerContributor IOctober 31, 2009

 If your reading this, I will assume your alot like myself. A follower of a collective known as the Raider Nation. Our feelings and moods will be affected by what our team does. Our pets have been known to leave the room in confusion, curious as to what they must have done to bring on our " loud tones". Our spouses/girlfriends have been befuddled as to "why has the furniture been rearranged". You lucky one's have women that share your passion as much as you do and help you rearrange during the game. I bought a "bad call brick" but realized with good aim it was just as destructive as other objects like shoes, pillows, coasters, etc.

 I once leaped over a footstool from a sitting position only to breakout in a whirlwind dance complete w/ high 5's when my back was killing me after an interception. And yes, I have kissed even the dog after a touchdown. After a victory, I have completed home projects put on hold for months because they were too hard to complete without help.. in hours.

 Just like the ocean, we rise and fall with it's powerful force. A massive ammount of collected energy pooled by a collection of small streams and creeks. Of trickling snowpack and slight ammounts of precipitation. When brought together it forms a large mass of deep powerful force.

 As I have watched our Raiders stumble and read so much speculation on the problems and what it would take to fix such... I cannot add anything new to the equation here.

 Should we boycott?  Make Al retire?  Get a new coach?  Different QB?  Off.Coor?

 All this speculation will play out in time but none will be happening this sunday

 Maybe this team is on the verge of changing under our very eye's but our rage is blinding us from seeing that change unfold. Are sticks being thrown with such regularity that a fire is being fueled? How do you know what burns inside a man? What motivates a human to excell, to become more than they are today..tomorrow?

 These are the trials & tribulations that define what your made of and how you want your legacy to look like. Through this fire some will rise and burn hot while others will burn out and turn to ash.

 Change is something I have heard Tom Cable speak of many times this year. I believe he is sifting through the woodpile. Admittedly misguided at times, he has admitted his mistakes in judgement. He has shown that he has faith in his team to be better than they have shown. We have seen what they can do when working together as shown against Philly and this weeks opponent in game #1. All the pieces are not in place here as we have been missing our best lineman and WR for most of the season. Our best CB was out in the Philly game. Coach Cable has called out J-Russ before the season and pulled him last week. Change is coming slow but change is growing. Players are being tested by media and fan's alike. This week will show us alot more than I think we might be looking at on the surface.

 Watch closely this sunday for any signs of change. Many players have already shown their fire and with a little more commitment to results from those other pieces...this puzzling team could start to fire up to the potential it already has within. Are the Raiders going to start out turning the ball over? Will they shoot themselves in the foot w/ stupid penalties? How will they handle 3rd downs? Their run defense? These will point out where change is happening or needs to happen. How many points can the offense put up?

 Whatever happens... I'll be watching closely (with the dog- for how long I dont know) I'll be watching with a burning desire to see change. To see what my team has to show. To see them tell me who they are. Their results will tell us in the Nation if they burn like we do.

 Will I change teams.....NEVER!!!  They are my team. We in the collective Nation do not give up our loyalty. RISE UP RAIDER NATION!! Let's do this one more time with a burning fire of confidence that we are better than we have shown. We can change and affect change by staying together. Hopefully not to the furniture thou.