Cleveland Browns Challenging Washington Redskins for NFL Most Miserable Fan Base

Jarrett CarterAnalyst IOctober 30, 2009

They may not be under the same rules of censorship as Washington Redskins fans, but Cleveland Browns faithful are just as fed up with their team’s losing ways.

And they too are poised to boycott in large numbers.

Sickened by the nearly constant losing since the NFL team’s return in 1999, Randall hopes the sight of empty seats for the start of the nationally televised Monday night game will send a loud message to team owner Randy Lerner and club officials that fans have had enough.

“We’re tired of losing,” Randall, 39, said. “We’re tired of the booing, of seeing fans leave in the fourth quarter. There are fans who have had tickets for 30 years who are turning their seats in because they can’t take it anymore. So many fans are fed up.”

The one difference I can see between Washington and Cleveland is that Washington has far more transient fans that are emotionally detached from hating Daniel Snyder. Hardcore fans may waver and leave, but folks who aren’t DMV natives who are still looking for a Sunday afternoon activity or social event are still likely to attend games.

They don’t care, and why should they? They have a chance to watch the Cowboys, Eagles and Giants in person once a year.

Outside of going to see LeBron James, what are you going to do in Cleveland besides watching and talking about the Browns? There’s working with Brian Robiskie on route running, rollerblading with Brady Quinn , or trying to find out where in the world is Kenard Lang.


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