Defining Player Of The Decade For Each Team

Straight Outta V-TownCorrespondent IOctober 28, 2009

Boston-Paul Pierce: They went through the Antoine Walker-Paul Pierce era, the Paul Pierce era, and the Big 3 era.

New Jersey-Jason Kidd: The decade started with the Starbury-Keith Van Horn era and the drafting of 1st overall Kenyon Martin. Then they went through the Jason Kidd era, the J-kidd-Vince Carter era, and now the post Vince Carter/Jason Kidd era led by Devin Harris.

Knicks-Stephon Marbury: The decade started with the end of the Patrick Ewing era. It was followed by the Latrell Sprewell-Allan Houston era (the idiocy of Scott Layden, the departure of Jeff Van Gundy, the incompetence of Don Chaney), then the Starbury-Isiah Thomas era. Now, they are in the post-Starbury era.

Sixers-Allen Iverson: The Sixers went through 2 phases: the Allen Iverson era and the post-Iverson era led by Andre Miller, Iguodala, and Brand.

Raptors-Vince Carter: There are 2 phases: Vince Carter era and Chris Bosh era. The raptors are a more recognizable team with Carter and had more postseason success.

Bulls-Tyson Chandler: The Bulls entered the era by building around rookie of the year Elton Brand in the post-Jordan era. Then there was the ill-fated Ron Mercer/Tyson Chandler/Eddy Curry era, the Jalen Rose era, the supposed Jay Williams era, and the current youth movement. Players came and gone like Brad Miller, Ron Artest, Jamal Crawford, etc. Lottery picks turned into busts such as Williams, Marcus Fizer. Recent youngsters such as Kirk Hinrich, Luol Deng. It has recently entered the Derrick Rose era.

Bucks-Ray Allen: The Big 3 era plus George Karl was very promising. The breakup of the big 3 led to a brief Gary Payton era followed by the Michael Redd era. Out of 3 promising youngsters, Redd, Desmond Mason, and Tim Thomas, Redd decided to take charge and become the go-to guy.

Pistons-Chauncey Billups: The decade started with the Grant Hill/Jerry Stackhouse era followed by the Jerry Stackhouse era, then the Chauncey Billups/Ben Wallace era.

Pacers-Jermaine O'Neal: The decade started with the Pacers going to the finals with Reggie Miller and Jalen Rose leading the way. It was followed by the Jermaine O'Neal era in which Isiah Thomas replaced Larry Bird and Reggie Miller took a secondary role. The firing of Thomas and the trade of Rose resulted in the Jermaine O'Neal/Ron Artest era. Recently, with the trade of O'Neal, it has become the Danny Granger era.

Cavaliers-LeBron James:The Cavs started the decade with the Andre Miller/Zydrunas Ilgauskas era, when management try to make these 2 youngsters the core. It was followed by the shortlived Ricky Davis era. After 2003, it was all James.

Wizards-Gilbert Arenas: The Wiz started the decade with the overpaid threesomes of Juwan Howard, Mitch Richmond, and Rod Strickland. Then it went to the shortlived Rip Hamilton era, followed by the Michael Jordan era in which Jerry Stackhouse was brought in and Kwame Brown was heavily scrutinized. Arenas was signed after Jordan's retirement to form a powerful threesome with Larry Hughes and Antawn Jamison, his former teammates from the Warriors. Hughes' departure resulted in the acquisition of Caron Butler.

Hawks-Joe Johnson: They started the decade with the tumutuous Isaiah Rider era then the Shareef Abdur-Rahim/Jason Terry era. Glenn Robinson was also brought in briefly. Since 2005, it has been largely the Joe Johnson/Josh Smith era.

Heat-Dwyane Wade: The heat began the decade with the Alonzo Mourning/Tim Hardaway era followed by the Eddie Jones/Anthony Mason era when Mourning was mostly ill. It was then followed by the Shaquille O'Neal/Dwyane Wade era. It has been all Wade recently.

Bobcats-Gerald Wallace: The expansion had high hopes for Emeka Okafor, but he has been average. Gerald Wallace has been a steal in the expanion draft.

Magic-Dwight Howard: The decade started with the high profile signings of Grant Hill and Tracy McGrady. Hill wasn't able to stay healthy, so it was the T-Mac era for the most part of the decade. After the trade of T-Mac, it became the Steve Francis era, soon followed by the Dwight Howard era.

Grizzlies-Pau Gasol: The Grizz started with the Shareef Abdur-Rahim/Mike Bibby era followed by the Pau Gasol/Jason Williams era, then it was largely only Pau Gasol. After the trade of Gasol, it became the Rudy Gay/OJ Mayo era followed by the current Allen Iverson era.

Hornet-Chris Paul: The decade started with the sign of trade deal between Eddie Jones/Anthony Mason and Jamal Mashburn/PJ Brown. It was soon clear that the new era is the Jamal Mashburn/Baron Davis era. After Mashburn retired due to injuries and Davis was traded, it became the Chris Paul era.

Spurs-Tim Duncan: They started off with the Twin Towers era with a group of savvy veterans and a revolving door of #3 option (Derek Anderson, Stephen Jackson). It was followed by the Tim Duncan/Tony Parker/Manu Ginobili era that continues to this day.

Mavericks-Dirk Nowitzki: The decade began with the emergence of Nowitzki on a team led by veteran Michael Finley and rising point guard Steve Nash. It was followed by the blockbuster that brought in Nick Van Exel and Raef LaFrentz, the departure of Nash and Finley, brief time with Antoine Walker, Antawn Jamison, bringing in Jason Terry, drafting Devin Harris, Josh Howard, Marquis Daniels, to the Jason Kidd trade and the acquisition of Shawn Marion this summer.

Rockets-Tracy McGrady: Sure Steve Francis was known as the franchise, Yao Ming was the #1 pick, but T-Mac defines this team. The decade began with the end of the Hakeem Olajuwon-Charles Barkley era and the rise of promising young backcourt tandem of Francis and Cuttino Mobley. Then it became the Stevie Franchise era followed by the T-Mac era.

Blazers-Zach Randolph: The decade began with the Wallace-Scottie Pippen era with a bunch of other stars including Brian Grant, Steve Smith, Damon Stoudamire, Detlef Schrempf, Arvydas Sabonis, Bonzi Wells, Dale Davis, Ruben Patterson, Derek Anderson, Jeff McInnis, and Shawn Kemp. It was followed by the nondescript Zach Randolph era, which was followed by the curent Brandon Roy era.

Jazz-Karl Malone: The decade started with the retirement of Jeff Hornacek. The Malone-Stockton era continued until Malone bolted for the Lakers and Stockton retired. This led to the Matt Harpring era followed by the Carlos Boozer-Deron Williams era.

Nuggets-Carmelo Anthony: The decade began with the Antonio McDyess-Nick Van Exel era followed by the ill-fated Juwan Howard era. Since 2003, this team has largely been about Anthony save for the Anthony-Allen Iverson era.

Sonics/Thunder-Gary Payton: The Glove still casts a shadow on this team in many ways. At first it was Payton-Vin Baker, followed by Payton-Rashard Lewis, then Ray Allen-Rashard Lewis era until the move out of Seattle and the beginning of the Kevin Durant era.

T-Wolves-Kevin Garnett: The decade started with the untimely death of Malik Sealy. The KG era was already underway with Anthony Peeler then Wally Szczerbiak and Troy Hudson playing second fiddle. The acquisitions of Latrell Sprewell and Sam Cassell made the Wolves contender, but they fell short. The KG trade brought the Al Jefferson era.

Lakers-Kobe Bryant: The decade started with the Shaquille O'Neal era followed by the Shaq/Kobe era with a bunch of savvy vets including Ron Harper, Horace Grant , Brian Shaw, and Rick Fox, and explosive guys such as Glen Rice and Isaiah Rider. The brief Shaq/Kobe/Malone/Payton experiemtn fell short of a championship and led to the breakup of the team. It has been essentially Kobe's team ever since.

Warriors-Baron Davis: The team intended to build around rising star Antawn Jamison and then brought in other promising talents such as Gilbert Arenas, Jason Richardson, and Larry Hughes. Mike Dunleavy and Troy Murphy were also contributors. The Jamison era ended when he was traded. The departure of Arenas and Jamison marked the beginning of the new regime and the beginning of the J-Rich era. Even though J-Rich was the longest tenure player on the team, it was the arrival of Baron Davis that pushed this team to the top. Other talents like Monta Ellis, Stephen Jackson, and Al Harrington all made their marks. After the departure of Davis, this team entered the Stephen Jackson era.

Suns-Steve Nash: The Suns entered the decade in the Jason Kidd/Clifford Robinson era along with rising star Shawn Marion. After the Kidd-Marbury trade, Stephon Marbury became the face of the franchise along with promising youngsters Marion and Amare Stoudemire. The trade of Marbury and the signing of Nash marked the beginning of the Steve Nash/Amare Stoudemire/Shawn Marion era. After Marion was traded for Shaquille O'Neal, the Suns began to fade. Right now, it's back to Nash + Stoudemire.

Kings-Chris Webber: The C-Webb era continued until he was traded to the Sixers, which marked the start of the Ron Artest era. It was followed by the current Kevin Martin era.

L.A. Clippers-Elton Brand: The Clippers started the decade in the Maurice Taylor era along with promising youngster Lamar Odom, Darius Miles, Quentin Richardson, and Corey Maggette. The Brand trade made Brand the face of the franchise and formed a formidable lineup especially after the acquisition of Andre Miller and former #1 pick Michael Olowokandi. After a disappointing year, the Clips went thru another overhaul soon bringing in Bobby Simmons, Shaun Livingston and Cuttino Mobley. The breakthrough came with the trade for Sam Cassell which saw them to the 2nd round of the playoffs. It was shortlived however. Cassell was traded the next year. Brand and Maggette left. Mobley forced to retire due to a heart condition. The signing of Baron Davis and the trade for Marcus Camby marked the beginning of a new era.