MC's NFL Power Rankings After Week Seven

Matt CullenAnalyst IOctober 28, 2009

PITTSBURGH - OCTOBER 25: Mike Wallace #17 of the Pittsburgh Steelers runs against the Minnesota Vikings at Heinz Field on October 25, 2009 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh won 27-17.  (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

Week Seven was a great week of football in the NFL

Is there a scenario in which I wouldn't have said it was great? What if I started a power rankings article by saying, "What a bad week in the NFL"?

It wouldn't happen, so don't think about it for too long.

The Pittsburgh Steelers made the biggest jump in the rankings, going from 10th to seventh. The Chicago Bears fell the hardest, going from 13th to 19th.!


1. New Orleans Saints

When Drew Brees said that the team knew down 24-3 that they would win, I believed him. We could be looking at a very special team here.

Previous ranking: 1


2. Indianapolis Colts

Much to my surprise, Peyton Manning did not throw for 300-plus yards against the Rams. He did, however, still put up another terrific game, as the Colts took care of business against a pitiful Rams team.

Previous ranking: 3


3. Denver Broncos

Another good test for the Broncos next week against what is becoming a high-flying Ravens offense.

Previous ranking: 4


4. New England Patriots

For me the jury is still out on just how good this Patriots offense is, even after humiliating two bad teams. It's definitely encouraging though.

Previous ranking: 6


5. Minnesota Vikings

After getting beat by the Steelers defense in Pittsburgh, the Vikings lost their game lead just in time for Brett Favre's return to Lambeau Field. Is there any chance that the ESPN headquarters in Bristol literally blows up in anticipation?

Previous ranking: 2


6. Cincinnati Bengals

No Antwan Odom, no problem. Carson Palmer looks like a top five QB in the league once again.

Previous ranking: 8


7. Pittsburgh Steelers

Very nice win for the Steelers heading into the bye week. The defense appears to be back on track as they face the best defense so far this year in the Denver Broncos Week Nine.

Previous ranking: 10


8. New York Giants

Eli followed up his worst performance of the year by playing even worse the following week. On the bright side, it looks like Brandon Jacobs is finally showing some life

Previous ranking: 5


9. Philadelphia Eagles

Very unimpressive win—the offensive line does not look good, Michael Vick is hurting more than he is helping, and Brian Westbrook is hurt yet again. It was bad turnovers from the Redskins that took them out of this game.

Previous ranking: 9


10. Green Bay Packers

The Packers are coming off of two dominating performances in a row—granted, against two teams with just one win each. Next up: the Vikings at home. After dropping one in the Metrodome already, the Packers really need this one if they want to win the division.

Previous ranking: 11


11. Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals are 3-0 on the road! Two of those wins came outside of the division! The Cardinals last season went 0-5 on the road outside of the division and lost three of those games by at least 21 points! And I'm going to try and stop using exclamation points!

Previous ranking: 12


12. Dallas Cowboys

All Cowboys fans have heard this season is, "Who have they beaten?" Well, they just beat someone good, and they beat them pretty easily. They did it with big plays in the passing game and a strong effort on defense.

Previous ranking: 14


13. Atlanta Falcons

It was only a matter of time, I suppose, until the Falcons offensive line gave up some sacks. However, the disappointment that is Michael Turner continues.

Previous ranking: 7


14. New York Jets

Well, they responded like I expected them to against a bad opponent; too bad it came a week later.

Previous ranking: 16


15. Houston Texans

Matt Schaub is looking like a legit MVP candidate. He leads the league in passing yards, TDs, and is fourth in QB rating.

Previous ranking: 18


16. San Francisco 49ers

Though it came in a losing effort, 49ers fans have got to love what they saw from Alex Smith coming off the bench.

Previous ranking: 15


17. Baltimore Ravens

It will be very interesting to see if Joe Flacco will be able to do anything against the Broncos in the second half; nobody has been able to so far. They need this win badly, having lost three in a row.

Previous ranking: 17


18. San Diego Chargers

Much to my surprise, the Chargers actually took care of business and beat up on a bad Chiefs team. Lets see if they can do it a second consecutive week against the Raiders

Previous ranking: 19


19. Chicago Bears

That was the shocker of the week for me, for the Bears to just not show up at all coming off a close loss. They look destined for a pedestrian third place finish in the NFC North.

Previous ranking: 13


20. Miami Dolphins

I picked the Dolphins to beat the Saints and felt so smart most of the way. I'm disappointed that the Dolphins couldn't hold onto a 21-point lead with the running game they have.

Previous ranking: 20


21. Seattle Seahawks

A popular preseason pick to dethrone the NFC champs in the West is a blowout loss in Dallas from looking dead in the water.

Previous ranking: 21


22. Jacksonville Jaguars

They go to Tennessee this week, home against Kansas City next week, and home against Buffalo in Week 11. Before the season, the destined-for-last-place Jaguars looked like they could put themselves in position to make the playoffs if they took care of business.

Previous ranking: 22


23. Buffalo Bills

I'm going to be blunt here: I have no idea how this team is 3-4. Trent Edwards has not had a very good season. His backup Ryan Fitzpatrick is even worse. The offensive line is very inexperienced, and the defense is fairly mediocre. That being said, they have won two in a row, so they will be acknowledged for it.

Previous ranking: 25


24. Carolina Panthers

Let me get this straight. You ran a combined 47 times with DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart to beat the Buccaneers, you just watched the Bills give up over 200 rushing yards to Thomas Jones, your QB is Jake Delhomme, you are involved in a tight game most of the way...and you chose to throw 44 times with Delhomme? What am I missing here?

Previous ranking: 23


25. Oakland Raiders

Richard Seymour, I love the confidence. The Raiders still suck.

Previous ranking: 24


26. Washington Redskins

I was a big fan of Jason Campbell once upon a time. Man, that feels so long ago. Why is Jim Zorn still there?

Previous ranking: 26


27. Detroit Lions

Matthew Stafford looks primed to get back in the lineup, and he picked a good week to do it against a Rams team that has lost about 500 games in a row.

Previous ranking: 27


28. Cleveland Browns

I can't comprehend it. The Browns benched Brady Quinn because he has trouble completing long passes, and then they traded their deep threat at WR in Braylon Edwards. Is it a coincidence that Derek Anderson went from having a decent game against the Bengals to three terrible games in a row? I don't think so.

Previous ranking: 28


29. Kansas City Chiefs

They have an extra week to think about how much they suck before they go out and lose again.

Previous ranking: 29


30. Tennessee Titans

I think the Jeff Fisher incident with him wearing the Peyton Manning jersey along with a 59-point loss will be enough to motivate this team against the Jaguars. Whether it will be enough to win is another question.

Previous ranking: 30


31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

It looks like it may be time for Josh Freeman at QB, and a lot sooner than anyone thought.

Previous ranking: 31


32. St. Louis Rams

If the Rams ever plan on winning a game in 2009, it may have to come this week at Detroit.

Previous ranking: 32