Mike Holmgren Heading Back to Seattle as GM?

Lars HansonCorrespondent IOctober 28, 2009

Don't let the title throw you off but former Seahawks head coach and GM Mike Holmgren could very well be headed back to the Pacific Northwest and the Seattle Seahawks organization.

According to a recent report from the National Football Post, Holmgren is "eyeing" the possible GM opening for the Seahawks this upcoming off season.

Current Seahawks GM Tim Ruskell is in the final year of his contract and the message is on the wall that he won't be renewed or extended, clearing the way for Holmgren to become the GM.

Rewind about a year and a half, Mike Holmgren announced to the Seahawks that he would no longer be the head coach of the Seahawks organization and that he would be retiring from football after the 2008 season.

Well the Seahawks went 4-12 in 08 and three days after the season was over all of Holmgren's belongings had been moved out of the Seahawks training facility in Renton and Jim Mora Jr. became the official head coach of the Seattle Seahawks.

Six games into the 2009 season the Seahawks are 2-4 under Mora and having the polar opposite beginning to his Seahawks career unlike he did when he was in Atlanta and went 11-5 in his first season.

What does it all mean?

Well if Mora and the Seahawks don't shape up and start winning or at least putting up a fight this season you can go to Vegas right now put your life savings on Mike Holmgren becoming the GM and Mora, Knapp, Ruskell, and many others gone after this season.

So why is Mike Holmgren the right man to lead the Seahawks back to the Super Bowl, or at least mold the team as GM?

Well let's take a look at Holmgren's resume when he was the Seahawks GM from 1999-2002.

Holmgren built the core of the dominant super bowl team of 2005 by drafting RB Shaun Alexander ('00), WR Darryl Jackson ('00), LG Steve Hutchinson ('01), DT Rocky Bernard ('02), TE Jeremy Stevens ('02), and CB Ken Lucas ('01), among other great draft selections.

Holmgren's headline transaction came in 2001 when Holmgren traded for Brett Favre's backup, Matt Hasselbeck.

Holmgren gave up the Seahawks first round pick (10th overall) and a third round pick to Green Bay in exchange for the Packers first round pick (17th overall) and QB Matt Hasselbeck.

Holmgren knew exactly what he was getting in the young Hasselbeck. Holmgren was the head coach of the Packers when he drafted Hasselbeck in the sixth round of the 1998 draft.

Still to this day Matt Hasselbeck is the quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks and he is the only QB in franchise history to take the Seahawks to the super bowl.

Many consider Hasselbeck to be one of, if not the best quarterback in Seahawks history so Holmgren made the right decision by trading for the third string quarterback.

Mike Holmgren was and still is the biggest icon in Seahawks history along with Steve Largent and Warren Moon as well as a few more players.

Mike Holmgren built the best team in Seahawks history and led the team he created to the Super Bowl (40) where even though they lost it was still the single greatest season in Seahawks history.

Now Holmgren is not interested in becoming a head coach but he is foaming at the mouth to become the Seattle Seahawks EVP and GM. All signs point to him getting his wish and saving this once proud franchise.

Holmgren did it before form '99-'02 and there is no reason to think that he couldn’t do it one more time.

Except this time Holmgren will be a lot more familiar with the franchise and many players on the current roster.

Also Holmgren will have a lot more pieces to work with and not so many pieces to add in his "soon to be" second coming as the Seattle Seahawks GM.

Big Mike could quite possibly be heading back to the Pacific Northwest to become the Seattle Seahawks EVP and GM after the 2009 season concludes.

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