Raider Nation In Turmoil: Looking For Solutions

BrentAnalyst IOctober 28, 2009

HOUSTON - OCTOBER 04:  Wide receiver Louis Murphy #18 of the Oakland Raiders jumps over a tackle by the Houston Texans at Reliant Stadium on October 4, 2009 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Now is the time for all good men to point their fingers at the organization, and sadly at each other.

For some it's all Al Davis' fault, as per usual.

Others blame Cable while more blame the whole coaching staff.

JaMarcus looks like Bozo the Clown but may turn a corner like Eli Manning did after his horrid first two years while Coughlin kept building a team around him, patiently.

Lots blame the wide receivers.

A newer trend of thought blames the offensive line.

Others like me wonder why the defense is so schizophrenic. A newer writer here claims we are intentionally throwing games because we have rats inside the organization trying to burn it down from the inside.

Some think Gradkowski is the answer. I myself think Grad is a feeble, timid moron.

Fact is every single one of us accepted the fact this is a true rebuilding in the offseason. Most of us agreed six games won would be a turning point for this franchise.

Guess what? We all may get our wish.

With the exception of Hanson (which obviously came back and bit us), Al Davis took a broom and cleaned out the rubbish—and maybe guys who weren't rubbish, WR Coach James Lofton comes to mind—and started fresh after six stagnant years.

Like the late, great sports journalist Hunter S. Thompson used to say: Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride.

It's a tough, gut-wrenching season to watch. 

The only thing I know with certainty is if we were growing, we'd be competitive in all these games.

No blowouts.

Long gone are the luxury days where Jimmy Johnson could inherit the Cowboys with a new crew and go 2-14, 4-12, 6-10, 7-9, 9-7, 10-4, then get a bunch of rings.

I think the Raider Nation has been patient.

So, I put it to you Raider Nation.

Instead of an overload of criticism, what are the simple solutions?

I'll start: A GM and overhaul of all the crony scouting team. In case of total JaMarcus meltdown, groom Charlie Frye (who will be another team's Rich Gannon someday).

Any takers on a remedy?