Washington Redskins: Leadership Underrated

ROB YOUNG SR@HomeTeamZoContributor IOctober 27, 2009

LANDOVER, MD - OCTOBER 4:  Owner Daniel Snyder of the Washington Redskins watches pregame action before the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at FedExField on October 4, 2009 in Landover, Maryland. The Redskins defeated the Buccaneers 16-13. (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)

It is  starting to painfully obvious that the chances of a turnaround this season are remote at best. At the start of the season we all knew that one of if not the most important things this team needed to happen was to be healthy specially along the O-Line

Already they have lost probably the best two lineman in Samuels & Thomas and now an already anemic offense loses it's most productive receiver Chris Cooley. Now we all know that deal with injury goes with the territory but in our teams case we also know  that almost nothing was done to prepare fore this.

Once again the powers that be turned to the spin machine telling the world that last years draft picks and UDFA where ready and up to the task. We have bashed players such as Portis for making statements like" We have some of the best talent in the league" But come on do you really expect anyone on the team to say "we suck"

You have to admire this coach and some players for being able to continue to step in front of a mic each week and not have a meltdown. They go through preparing themselves each week knowing the weaknesses they started the season with are still there and they step on the field on game day with the "Desire to Win"  But is Desire enough?

This leagues best teams acquire and stockpile TALENT... Giving them the ability to weather storms such as these. When they lose the big name starter off the bench comes a guy know one has heard of but the team doesn't miss a beat..

The difference between us and them the people finding that talent. It not that difficult to pick from the group of most publicized and hyped names. But those are not the ones build depth with..ohlord It's the guys who paved the way for the stars to be stars the guys who never get interviewed.

On the field on game day the desire to win is measured buy performance and can be a very important factor in whether our not you remain employed. IMHO part of the problem around here has been your contract , your relationship with the owner, and other things that have nothing to do with if you can outplay the guy on the other side of the ball.

And this is the job of the guy doing the hiring and firing...so shouldn't he our she be judge and our evaluated the same way?

The scary thing now is even those with that real "desire to win" are starting to get that " here we go again look" when the negative things occur during all games.noideanoideaIt's getting more & more difficult for this group to pull it back together during adversity so that 2-14 season someone asked for could be on the horizon.

A strong competitive desire to be the best at what you do is very important to success. But if you leadership lacks the ability to acquire the people with the talent to accomplish the goals set for the organization your foundation slowly crumbles.........See the Washington Redskins........