WWE Bragging Rights 2009 Prediction Competition Results

Hayley-L GrahamSenior Analyst IOctober 26, 2009

So, Bragging Rights has been and gone, and what a night! Not only did Team Smackdown come out on top to win the brand competition, but Undertaker retained his title, Batista turned heel, and John Cena lost Shane his bet .

What does this mean though for all you brave Bleacher Creatures who took the plunge and decided to put your pride on the line in a bid to be crowned the most accurate soothsayer?

Well, not only did we have yet another humiliating 0 points, but we got TWO perfect scores, making this three PPVs in a row where someone has earned full marks!

So then, from the top to the bottom and everywhere in between, let's see the final table for the WWE Bragging Rights 2009 Prediction Competition!


37th: 0 Points

Asheel Din

Joint 36th: Two Points

John Landrigan

Justin Erickson

Michael Sisemore

Miss Annie aka AK127

Joint 32nd: Three Points

xxValentinoxx Aka Rashad

Benjamin David

Hayley Graham

Kenneth Fink

Joint 28th: Five Points

Canadian Kid

Jeremy Stacy

Kendrick Davis

Bill the Wonder Kid

John Azam Azam

Ricky Bhatia

Tommy Cochran

Joint 21st: Six Points


Josh McMullen


Sven Webster

Joint 17th: Seven Points

Svyato Rovenchuk

Dub Sizzle

Shane H

Heel Mark

Mr Taylor

Mike Salvatore

David Eddings

Joint 10th Eight Points

Niall Kelcher

Tom Dunn

Roopan Verma

Dustin Speaker

Joint Fifth: 10 Points

George Peterson

Katie Slater

Third: 11 Points

Peter Bustos

Joint First: 13 Points

Brandon Crosswhite



Congratulations to Brandon and Jev, and well done to everyone else who played! This PPV certainly threw us some curveballs, making it very hard to predict!

Thanks for taking part, and we'll see you again at Survivor Series!