"We Want Moore"!!!!!!!

Christopher BurchCorrespondent IOctober 26, 2009

CHARLOTTE, NC - OCTOBER 25:  Jake Delhomme #17 of the Carolina Panthers drops back to pass against the Buffalo Bills at Bank of America Stadium on October 25, 2009 in Charlotte, North Carolina.  (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

Whats Up Panthers Nation? Yeah I know, we lost a game that we thought we should had won, just last week everybody was looking forward to this game and when it came it was a loud thud once again Carolina put up another dissapointing lost, now we are 2-4 on the season. Just last week everybody was proclaiming that Jake gives the Panthers the best oppurtunity to win.... Okay??? My thought before when I heard this was more so, yeah Jake does and, Jake is going to come along and we are going to turn things around, and they slightly did as we defeated the Redskins and Buccs', but within a 2 week span my views have drasticly changed now after the Bills game yesterday.

Jake Delhomme threw for 325 yards, this is equivalent to going to the endzone 3 times, which should be 18 presumingly 21 points after the field goal, ( the 18 or 21 points never came true) Jake also attempted to pass 44 times, which is no-no with a QB like him and a run game like we have, ( "I hope this doesnt remind anyone of the Arizona game, by the way we play them next week.") When is enough? Enough Already? As a fan you hope their is another guy in that locker room that can possibly do better, and I believe there is a guy that can do better and that is Matt Moore, a guy that everyone can trust, (" I know this is starting to sound like a campaign commercial... but it is, like the Obama slogan " Its Time For Change") Sorry for getting political.

As a fan is it time for the "We Want Moore" chant? and does the "We Want Moore" pertain to we as fans expect more out of this organization? or we want Matt Moore in at QB?  Matt Moore could possibly be a starting QB but we will never know until we put him in the starting lineup. Having Matt Moore sitting on the bench, is like the girl that chooses the thug or bad ass that abuses her and she knows that there is a good guy in the midst of her inner circle but she overlooks him because she thinks the bad guy is going to change but never does, " I hope that was a good analogy for our QB situation, for those who do not understand the analogy the girl is use the John Fox and some dillusional Panther fans, the bad guy is Jake Delhomme and every now and then he tends to abuse us with these terriblle throws." I know Matt Moore has limited experience but I think it is time to hand over the torch and let someone else lead this team, and I think Matt Moore is that guy. Im starting a petition it is the "We Want Moore" Campaign all those that believe in "Change" stand up now!!!

You can email me at cburch78@yahoo.com also Feel Free To Comment and or Join The Movement " We Want Moore"