Jamarcus Russell - Who Fed JR?

Frank AndTheBeastContributor IOctober 26, 2009

Who Fed JR?

I just got through watching an interview with Bruce Gradkowski in the locker room. Towards the end of the interview guy enters the picture wearing just a towel. He is a big guy and I figured it was an OL or DL because he was pretty hefty looking. As I looked closer at this large person I was shocked to see he was wearing a Mohawk hairdo. Then he turned his head and to my horror it was our franchise quarterback Jamarcus Russell.


I will admit that I was one of JR’s biggest supporters back when he was drafted. I even went so far as to look for faults in Calvin Johnson’s rookie output so I could justify JR’s worth.

I thought Lane Kiffin did the right thing holding him out till late in the season. Kiffin knew where JR was in his development as a QB and did the right thing letting him learn from the sidelines as long as possible. In JR’s limited action his rookie season he showed that he had potential as he looked not only big and strong but also mobile.

In his second season he started off slow. People gave him a free pass because they blamed Kiffin for not starting him earlier the prior season then blamed him again for getting fired. Then they said things like he is going through coaching changes and that renewed his free pass for the remainder of that season. Then the last few weeks of the season JR looked to be catching on. We no longer needed a quarterback and JR would be our savior.

Then this season started and JR was reported looking more like an offensive lineman than a quarterback. Some reports were saying he was up to 300 pounds, and although at the time I didn’t believe them, now I am not so sure.

I will defend any Raiders player because I am a fan. But I draw the line if I think that player is not doing his best to give my favorite team a chance to win games. JR is fat and that is a fact and a fat quarterback is not going to give my favorite team a chance to win any time soon.

I just saw him in a towel and he didn’t look like an athlete to me – at least not an athlete who plays quarterback in the NFL and makes 10s of millions of dollars.

So I ask you this – who fed JR?