Five Up and Now 2 Down

Nicholas LianosCorrespondent IOctober 26, 2009

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - SEPTEMBER 11:  Quarterback Eli Manning #10 of the New York Giants, wearing a New York Police Department hat, talks on the phone during their game against the Arizona Cardinals at Giants Stadium on September 11, 2005 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

In what was supposed to be a rebound game turned out to be an offensive dud as the Giants lost to the Arizona Cardinals 24-17.

The Cardinals pretty much blitzed the Giants on every play and forced the game into Eli Mannings hands and this time he couldnt deliver. Tip balls, constant pressure on Eli, four turnovers and some bad drops cost the Giants this game. 

There isnt alot of good to say about this performance.

Overall Grades:

QB- C.  I wouldnt blame the first interception on Eli because Hixon should have gotten the ball, but the overall performance wasnt good enough.  Some bad delay penelties is totally on him.

RB- C. Jacobs looked like he was about to break out but the second half couldnt get a yard. Ahmad Bradshaw couldnt find a hole and had a bad fumble when trying to tie the score.  Both backs picked up the blitz well.

WR- C minus.  Steve Smith is the number one receiver on this team. Nice grab on 34 yarder from deep in the Giants side of the field. Mario Manningham dropped an easy touchdown and ran some bad routes.  Hakeem Nicks is developing into a go to guy for Eli. The touchdown was a gift but he was in the right place and had the speed to get away from the Cards.  Hixon should have made a play instead of waiting for the ball on Eli's first interception. 

TE- B minus. Boss made a heck of a catch while getting creamed.  Blocking was ok. Didnt hear anything from Johnson or Beckum.

OL- D. A bad game by the Giants OL. Beattie did ok for his first start. One false start penelty. The Cards blitzes were getting threw and Eli had no time to throw. Giving up 3 sacks isnt good.  Showed somes flashes on the running game but not nearly enough to stop the blitz.

DL C-  Controlled the Cards offensive line time to time but Warner did have time to throw.  Kiwanuka was getting after Warner all day, Tuck forced an early fumble and Usi constantly forced Warner to step up using his speed rush.  Robbins, Cofield and Bernard were ok.

LB- C- Pierce had ten tackles and Danny Clark had a sack but that was about it from them.  The Cards were able to power run at the Giants from time to time which wasnt supposed to happen.

DB- D- Blown assignments again this week. Terrel Thomas had a pick but then allowed Wells TD run after a blown assigment. CC Brown still bites on playaction with Antrone Rolle at QB. What are you doing?  Feel bad for Corey Webster because he is the only one doing his job in secondary.  Hopefully injury to him isnt bad.

Kickers- D- Jeff Feagles had his worst game as a Giant. Ugly average and had a few shanks.  Tynes kickoffs were short but at least he is still nailing his fg attempts.

Coaching-F- Coughlin had this team ready to play but the offensive game plan was bad. Missing McKenzie looks like force Gilbride to a simple offense against the Cards which played right into their hands.  Bill Sheridan did dial up the blitzes against Warner but secondary is still blowing assignments.

Giants fall to 5-2, 3-2 in NFC, 2-0 division.  Next up the Philadephia Eagles. A tough division game on the road. 

NFC East standings

Giants 5-2

Cowboys 4-2

Eagles 3-2   

Redskins 2-4