Ten Top Tens After Week Eight Of College Football

Mitch Wilson@sportschatplaceSenior Writer IOctober 25, 2009

TUSCALOOSA, AL - OCTOBER 24:  Terrence Cody #62 of the Alabama Crimson Tide pushes into the backfield against Jacques McClendon #65 of the Tennessee Volunteers in front of quarterback Jonathan Crompton #8 at Bryant-Denny Stadium on October 24, 2009 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Top Ten Teams

1. Florida—Still the one.

2. Alabama—Still a tough road ahead, but getting it done.

3. Texas—Not sure they can beat many on this list.

4. Iowa—Knows how to win.

5. Cincinnati—Capable of beating anyone.

6. TCU—Defense wins championships.

7. Boise State—The beat goes on.

8. Oregon—Best of the one-loss teams.

9. USC—Probably overrated here.

10. Georgia Tech—The power of the ACC.


Ten Best Games This Week

1. Iowa 15, Michigan State 13—Right down to the final second.

2. Alabama 12, Tennessee 10—The Vols had their chances.

3. Clemson 40, Miami 37—Overtime thriller.

4. Florida State 30, North Carolina 27—Monster comeback.

5. Notre Dame 20, Boston College 16—Every week is a thriller in South Bend.

6. Ball State 29, Eastern Michigan 27—Something had to give.

7. UTEP 28, Tulsa 24—No quit in the Miners.

8. Iowa State 9, Nebraska 7—Who would have thunk it?

9. Northwestern 29, Indiana 28—Another comeback.

10. Navy 13, Wake Forest 10—Three meetings in two years makes for good games.


Ten Best Players This Week

1. Terrence Cody—The difference between winning and losing.

2. Ryan Lindley—Are the Aztecs on the move?

3. MiQuale Lewis—Small in size, Big engine.

4. Noel Devine—Is anyone surprised?

5. Colin Kaepernick—He was unstoppable.

6. DeVier Posey—Amazing what he can do if you get the ball to him.

7. C.J. Spiller—Super human.

8. Ricky Stanzi—Ice water in his veins.

9. Jacoby Ford—Big-time play in a big-time game.

10. Golden Tate—Having a great year.


Ten Things That Shocked Me This Week

1. Texas Tech getting whipped by A&M—That had to hurt.

2. Michigan State was favored over Iowa—I still don't get it.

3. Nebraska lost to an also-ran—Maybe further away from being back than they hoped.

4. Ball State won a game—Oh that's right, they played EMU.

5. Tebow's interception before the half—Didn't look like a Heisman winner there.

6. Miami's play-calling late in the game—Hideous.

7. Ron Zook still has a job—Not sure for how long.

8. The track meet in Nevada—That was incredible.

9. NIU giving up the last-second meaningless Hail Mary—Absolutely pointless.

10. The score of the TCU-BYU game—Not necessarily the result.


Ten Reasons I Haven't Been Writing At Bleacher Report As Often

1. Working on my own site—It's grown by leaps and bounds.

2. Plagiarism—Saw a list from this series repeated and given article of the day recently. This article is a pure rip off of this article.

3. Life Happens—Just don't have as much free time as I did.

4. Sick of target practice—At least at my site I can control who can visit and comment and what is acceptable.

5. Lost in the crowd—The new site design segments the site too much.

6. Can't keep track of the comments—The changing of the feed on profiles was a bad idea.

7. Over-editing—Correcting my poor spelling and grammar are great, changing what I have to say isn't.

8. Burnt—I think I went longer than anyone with no slowdown.

9. Tired of seeing recap articles—These should be deleted from the site.

10. Less quality, more quantity—A growing concern.


Ten Teams That We Never Know What To Expect

1. Nevada—Talk about hit and miss.

2. BYU—Beat Oklahoma, Crushes other teams and then get whipped, twice.

3. Boise State—Blows out also-rans and makes sometimes-rans look pretty good.

4. Southern Miss—A roller coaster ride unto themselves.

5. Ohio State—Even in lean years I never remember them being this hit-and-miss.

6. Florida State—Not sure what is going on there.

7. Georgia—Will the real Bulldogs please stand up.

8. Ole Miss—I give up.

9. Houston—Do we have a problem?

10. Michigan State—Favored twice at home against teams with winning records.


Ten Movie or TV Charachters Played By College Football People

1. Superman—Easy, Tim Tebow.

2. Curly from the Three Stooges—Charlie Weis.

3. Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies—Lou Holtz.

4. Andy Griffith—Bobby Bowden.

5. Darth Vader—George Selvie.

6. Bambi—Colin Kaepernick.

7. The Terminator—Nick Saban.

8. Bozo the Clown—Lee Corso.

9. Ritchie Cunningham—Tom O'Brien.

10. Michael Scott—Urban Meyer.


Ten Preseason Predictions I Read That Aren't Even Close

1. Terrelle Pryor will be a Heisman candidate—Maybe someday, but not this year.

2. Mississippi will play in the national title game—Not this year.

3. The ACC will be the worst conference—Nope.

4. The Big East will be the worst conference—Not really.

5. Sam Bradford would repeat as the Heisman winner—Not a chance.

6. The Heisman winner will definitely be McCoy, Tebow, or Bradford—Not looking like it.

7. The winner of Ohio State-Penn State will win the Big Ten—It's for second place.

8. Rich Rodriguez would be fired at Michigan—He's probably getting an extension.

9. Randy Shannon would be gone at Miami—He got an extension.

10. At least one Stoops would be gone at the end of this year—Not unless it's their decision.


Ten Matchups That Would Be Great To See This Year

1. Florida-USC—It's been a long time coming.

2. Miami-Oregon—These teams never play each other.

3. Ohio State-Oklahoma—Just seems like a natural.

4. TCU-Notre Dame—See Jimmy run.

5. Alabama-Utah—Grudge match.

6. Cincinnati-Boise—Playoff.

7. Georgia Tech-Navy—Teacher vs. Student.

8. Texas-Iowa—Maybe it happens?

9. Penn State-Florida State—Followed by a postgame double retirement party.

10. Michigan-West Virginia—The Rodriguez Bowl...while it's still relevant.


Ten Best Games On The Schedule This Week

1. USC at Oregon—A huge game.

2. Florida-Georgia—The cocktail party.

3. Texas at Oklahoma State—May be the toughest test for Texas left.

4. South Carolina at Tennessee—I love Southern Football.

5. Southern Miss at Houston—Trust me, it's better than it sounds.

6. Western Kentucky at North Texas—Could this be the week?

7. Mississippi at Auburn—Should be a good game.

8. Purdue at Wisconsin—Boilermakers are playing decent football.

9. West Virginia at South Florida—Could end up meaning something.

10. East Carolina at Memphis—Tuesday night football beats no football.

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