How Boise State Could Change College Football

Jordan SchwartzSenior Writer IOctober 22, 2009

BOISE, ID - SEPTEMBER 3:  Willie Glasper #17 of the Oregon Ducks battles for position with Mitch Burroughs #20 of the Boise State as a pass is thrown in second quarter of the game on September 3, 2009 at Broncos Stadium in Boise, Idaho. Boise State won the game 19-8. (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)

For years, school presidents from the Big Six conferences have resisted the public's overwhelming desire to implement a playoff in college football. 

Any why wouldn't they; under the current system, the universities they represent have an inside track on playing in the national championship.

But what if a team outside the ACC, Big East, Big XII, Big Ten, Pac-10 or SEC reached the BCS title game?  Then, would things change?

Boise State, ranked fourth in the opening BCS standings, has a legitimate shot at playing for the trophy in January.

The Broncos are 6-0 and will most likely complete the regular season at 13-0.  But their most important victory of the year came back in Week 1 when they defeated Oregon, 19-8.

That was the Ducks' (5-1) only loss of the season so far and they have gone on to defeat Top 25 teams like Utah and California. 

If Oregon, which is ranked 11th in the BCS standings, can beat No. 7 USC at home on Halloween and go on to win the Pac-10, I see no reason why Boise State (if it remains undefeated) shouldn't be considered one of the two best teams in the country.

Of course, the voters have shunned undefeated non-BCS schools before, leaving Utah out of the title game last year and in 2003, and stonewalling Boise State in '06.

But I don't remember any of those teams being ranked as high as fourth in the BCS this early in the season or having as big a win as the Broncos have over the Ducks.

Boise State will need some help to reach the title game, but it's not out of the question.  In addition to Oregon beating USC, the WAC school would need Texas to drop a game (possibly at Oklahoma State on Oct. 31), Iowa to fall at Ohio State on Nov. 14 and maybe even Cincinnati to lose to West Virginia or Pittsburgh.

An SEC title game between Florida and Alabama should squash any chance of those two teams meeting in the BCS championship.

If Boise State can somehow sneak into that final game in Pasadena, you can bet officials at Texas, Iowa, Alabama, Cincinnati, Miami, and USC will be the first ones signing up for a playoff system.


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